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Human Happiness is turning 3!

And to celebrate...we're having a NUMEROLOGY PARTY!

A Numerology reading is one of the most interesting, fascinating and life-changing things you can do for yourself that requires very little effort.

The accuracy of the readings, and the predictions made through the readings, usually blow people away!

So why not come to our special birthday celebration Numerology Party and sit back with some chips and dips and get ready for one of the most fun, fascinating and intriguing parties you’ve ever been to!

Watch how your date of birth and your full name can reveal:

your personality traits/ strengths and challenges,the obstacles that you’ve likely been encountering over and over again throughout your life,your life purpose – what you’re really here to do,the challenges you’d likely be facing in relationships with loved ones and work mates/ friends/ associates etc.what's coming up for you through your personal year/month/day/peaks calculationsand of course, how to overcome these challenges/ obstacles and how to make your dreams/purpose a reality

And listen as the comments and WOW moments from every member of the group grows with each new revelation.

Comments like these fly around the room:

“Is that why I keep self-sabotaging myself like that?!?”

“Is that why my ex behaved like that?!?”

“Is that why when I do the family Christmas dinner I go mental at that person?!?”

“Is that why I’m having a strong urge to travel this year?!?”

“Is that why living in that house made me feel that way?!?”

“Is that why that year was so difficult/ challenging for me?!?”

“Is that why my son/daughter behaves in that way/ struggles at school?!?”

“Is that why I attracted that annoying boss/ crappy job/ aggressive work associate?!?”

“Is that why I’m so financially challenged?!?”

“Is that why I get along so well with that person?!?”

“Is that why I deleted that friend from facebook?!?”

“Is that why I keep attracting that same situation/ scenario over and over again?!?”

Full Numerology calculations and charts are drawn up before the start of the party. Each party member will be given a maximum number of full readings they can request (depending on how many people are attending). Minimum = 2, maximum = 5 each.

Basic Numerology charts can be created at the party.


Each full Numerology calculation and chart drawn up prior to the party = $10/chart (these requests must be in by Wed 19th July to give us time to calculate your Numerology, create your chart, and create and print out your full Numerology Reading)

Basic charts = no extra cost

One Full printed personalised Numerology Reading (from one of the full calculations already done) of that party member's choice = no extra cost

Presentation is usually $144/hr for the group, but for our Birthday we're doing it for FREE!

Entry fee (covers chips and dips, tea and coffee) = $10

There are limited numbers, and a minimum number for this to go ahead.

Cost in this eventbrite ticket covers entry fee plus the minimum of 2 full Numerology calculations = $30. There will be an extra cost (of $10/calculation) if you end up requesting extra calculations to be done prior to the event. Full Numerology calculations cannot be done on the day as they take too long to do on the spot - taking the presenter away from the group. Basic calculations and charts, however, can be done on the spot.

What does a Full Numerology Calculation and chart contain?

A full calculation contains the following:

Life path numbers

Day numbers

Personal year numbers

Pyramid numbers

Destiny numbers

Soul Urge numbers

Maturity numbers

Personality numbers

Current name numbers

Karmic lesson numbers

Karmic debt numbers

Relationship numbers

Arrows of individuality

9 year cycle personal year charts

Personal number pyramids

Excess, absent and isolated Numbers

And you're given a full Birth Chart and Name Chart, plus one full Numerology reading printed out using the above data.

What does a Basic Calculation give me?

A basic Numerology calculation that can be done on the spot at the party contains:

Life Path Numbers

Arrows of Individuality

Excess, absent and isolated Numbers

So come along and discover things about yourself and your loved ones that you may never have realised, and have a heap of fun and lots of laughs along the way! :)

Go to: to book and make your payment.

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