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Practical Parenting using Numerology Seminar

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Price: A$20.00 /per person
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• What we'll do
Discover how the Numerology of every member of a family unit can significantly influence interactions, communication, behaviour, and everyday outcomes.
And learn how to better understand and manage relationships and stress levels in the family unit through empowerment of knowledge.

Why does one child respond very well to this, and the other arcs up?
Why do those two get along like a house on fire, whilst these two really can't stand each other most of the time?
Why do I really struggle to understand/ connect with this child, but have no problem with this other one?
Why is my child struggling at school/ with friends/ with anxiety?
What is their real anxiety?

Numerology gives a profound insight into what's really going on with your child. It can even reveal things they didn't even realise was going on, or things they were unable to articulate.

You can come and get get a very basic Numerology chart drawn up for the discussion, or (highly recommended) you can get full Numerology charts of all family members - that you can take home with you - drawn up before hand ($10 each) so that a much more accurate reading of what's going on can be done.

During the seminar, all charts are put up on the board for all to see. Then parents ask questions/ make comments, and Kylie responds with a Numerological point of view.

Cost to attend: $20/person attending + $10 per chart drawn up beforehand.

• What to bring
Snacks, tea and coffee available.
Come with the dates of birth of everyone you wish to discuss (you may want to have grandparent's DOB's too - just in case).

• Important to know
Contact Kylie via, or by messaging through this site, with the DOB, full name on Birth Certificate and current first and last name of all family members you wish to have full Numerology charts drawn up for the seminar. Kylie needs time to draw these up, so please don't leave this to the last minute.