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Canberra Javascript is a monthly meetup of Javascript Developers and people interested to learn more about web development using Javascript. We meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month at Pragma Partners, level 12, 12 Moore St Canberra

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OctJS - Javascript Test Driven Development

Pragma Partners

Have you ever fixed a bug, only to find that it broke something horribly in another part of the system? And you had no idea until the client called support in a panic? Have you ever been afraid to touch a complicated piece of code for fear that you might break it and never be able to fix it again? … Even though you wrote it? Have you ever found a piece of code that you’re pretty sure wasn’t being used any more and should be deleted? But you left it there, just in case? Have you ever felt like your code was a tower made of soft-spaghetti, held together with Clag glue and wishes? If any of the above sounds familiar, then TDD can help. Yes, One weird trick… a cheesy title. But when done right, Test Driven Development can be life-changing. The trick is understanding the why of TDD, and what it actually is. There’s a lot misconceptions and mistakes around TDD, so we’ll talk about those, as well as a quick intro on how to get started. About James James has been building websites professionally since 2005. He currently works (remotely) for Atlassian as part of the Jira Service Desk team. He writes about JavaScript and Functional Programming (among other things) at https://jrsinclair.com.

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