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Twilight Pull and Play at Hawrelak Park, Picnic Site 2
Easy 5km loop to bridge and back. First 5 km. loop is ideal for beginners. More trails with greater challenges available if you want to extend your run. Come on out for a fun run with your dog. No formal instruction just some people gathering and going out to have some fun and practice. Kicksledding, Skijoring, Bikejoring, Canicross are all welcome. Meeting Hawrelak Park, Picnic Site 2. This trail is not lit so please bring a headlamp. Please come for 7pm to give enough time to setup to hit the trails by 7:15pm. If you are interested in joining a pull and play but you and your dog have never pulled before please complete a clinic first. This is an introductory course that will get you all set up. Rentals are available to clinic alumni only. Please comment for what you need to ensure we have enough gear for everyone. Kicksled plus line $15 Harness $5/dog

William Hawrelak Park, Picnic Site #2

9930 Groat Road · Edmonton, AB


What we're about

What we are about:

This Meetup group is for anyone interested in enjoying the sport of Kicksledding.

We will show you how to teach your dog to pull so you can participate in Kicksledding, Skijoring, Bikejoring, Scootering or Carting.



Facebook Messenger: Trail Dogs Canada

Phone: 780-271-8085 (Marty)

Important Info: For those of you attending clinics, you will need to email us or send us your email address in order for us to be able to send you the required registration forms.

Trail Dogs Canada Price List Winter 2017:

Kick Sleds

T6 Sled $309

T7 Sled $320

Gang Lines

Bungee w/5'Tug $36

Add a Dog Package (tug and neck-line) $19

Neck-line $12

Bridle $20

Stock Harness

Enjor Harness (North Paw) $50

Distance Harness (Howling Dog) $34

X-back's (made to fit) $55

Skijor/Running/Mushers Belts

Waist Belt (no leg straps) $30

Hip Belt $50

Musher Belt $50

Dog BootsWinter Endurance Boots (4)(North Paw) $40

Summer Trail Boots(4)(North Paw) $40

Bike Attachments

Bike Tow Leash $260

Springer $220

Noodle (North Paw) $30


Paw Trekker $670

Clinics $75

Guided Runs $10

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