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Join your dog for adventures on local trails and around some of the coolest, most unique places our beautiful city has to offer!

Marshall, Cisco, Weston, Janice, and myself will be your guides. Bring your dogs out to join the pack! They'll meet other dogs and you'll meet other involved, loving, like-minded dog owners in a positive, healthy, and productive environment.

In addition to the walk, we'll be available to discuss basic dog training, behavioral issues, and work with participants to ensure that everyone is learning during our adventures.

Dogs must be friendly with people and other dogs (unless otherwise specified for a particular hike) and able to be controlled on leash by their handler. Each person may bring up to two dogs with them.

Human participants must be over 18 years of age. Dogs of any age are welcome! Please bear in mind that the hikes are probably not suitable for very young puppies (under 6 months of age) and may be too challenging for older and out of shape dogs. We encourage you to speak with your vet about the activities you participate in with your dog.

The hikes will be of varying degrees of difficulty and some hikes may not be suitable for all participants. We'll let you know how difficult the planned hike is and what unusual obstacles we'll likely encounter along the way!

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