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Sunday Starter Hike - Reedy Creek Trail (Beginners & up) - $5/person

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This is a "Starter Hike" - "Starter Hikes" are hikes that are 1-2 (sometimes 3) miles in length and at a relaxed pace, designed for beginners, puppies, older dogs, and dogs who are not up for a regular 4-5+ mile hike. Because these are shorter hikes, the charge is $5 per person.

We'll meet in the Reedy Creek parking lot, then head over to the river and walk along the Reedy Creek Trail to the rocks south of Belle Isle. We'll take a water break on the rocks, then head back along the access road.

This is an easy 2-3 mile hike on level terrain, about 50% trail, 50% access road. We'll hike at a relaxed pace and keep the dogs on leash for the entire hike.

Please wear appropriate trail shoes that you don't mind getting wet. For the dogs' safety, flexi-leashes are not allowed. Bring water for you and your dogs. You and your dog may get wet and/or muddy.

Please email Rebecca through Meetup if you have a question, or post your question below. If you're new to Human Adventure or you haven't hiked with Rebecca before, please leave a comment below with your dog's name and description - that will help her figure out who is who in the parking lot.

(Although this hike is for friendly dogs, please keep in mind that even friendly dogs can have space issues, so when we're waiting, please don't let your dog greet another dog without first asking the owner's permission, and be careful with snout-to-snout greetings.)

We are thrilled that folks are enthusiastic about joining us on our hikes! Please understand that we can only accommodate a certain number of folks and pups on a given hike. Our group sizes are limited to ensure that we can effectively manage each group. You are welcome to RSVP with a guest (or two), but if the hike is filled up, please respect our limitations. There are more hikes on the way, you won't be left out!

IMPORTANT: Please review our page on General Hike Information before you RSVP ( ). This will ensure that you're ready to attend one of our hikes!

Please do not RSVP if you're not attending unless you've previously RSVPed that you're attending.