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I am starting this group since I have not been able to find one similar, and these are two things that I really enjoy, and I know that a lot of others feel the same ... so why not combine them and invite others here on meetup?

That said, this shared interest group will primarily be an active camping / adventurer group, but the extra variable is... cannabis; all members should be 420 friendly, as it would just make everything easier overall.

So the plan is to have some camping excursions, either locally or afar (2.5hrs+ drive = always open to new options). Every meetup will be a new location, so expect to see new things and places! Some places will have dedicated/reserved campsites for us, and sometimes we will be doing dispersed camping off a dirt road out in the middle of nowhere.

Now I am not a very 'active' camper, as in, I don't plan out an entire day of activities and demand everyone to join. I like to relax, cook, smoke meats, hike a few miles, hangout in the hammock, swimming, fish, take the local OHV trails, smoke/eat herb, nap in the hammock, etc. But most importantly, everyone is welcome to do their own thing during the day, there are no requirements during the trip... just enjoy yourself out in the wild! Just let the stress go and take in the sunshine/fresh air.

For the most part, that should be the basics... I'm sure I will add more over time, but this gets the point across.

Look forward to seeing you out in the wild!

Please let me know if you have any questions


Minimum age is 21 (some exceptions for under 21, message me for details). You are responsible for yourself. NOTHING FOR SALE. NO SOLICITATION & ADVERTISING. By signing up for these events, you agree not to hold the Meetup organizers / leaders of Cannabis Camping responsible for whatever happens to you on these events. Cannabis Camping is NOT responsible for any possible losses, medical assistance, legal issues, property damage, or injuries. Please bring all the equipment, supplies, and food you need, but most importantly don't forget lots of water! (~1gal /pp a day)

The payment is DUE at the time of your RSVP to CONFIRM your spot, I accept Venmo (Paul-R1) or Apple Cash (message me). Your SPOT is NOT confirmed until the payment is made and you will be put on the WAITLIST until the payment is complete. ALL PAYMENTS/RSVPs must be completed ONE WEEK prior to the event, IF your payment is still not received by that time, then you will be moved off the list.
NO SHOWS do not get a refund. Cancellations prior to the last week can get a refund, but ONLY if there is someone to take your place, otherwise the fee is still incurred.
NO refunds OR cancellations are given after the last week deadline. I do not accept cash since the payment MUST be made PRIOR to the event. *The reason I have these strict rules is due to the annoying last minute cancellations and No-shows that I have had at other events, unfortunately those people have ruined it for everyone*
NO payment = NO rsvp.

ALL MEMBERS MUST PARTICIPATE! You must RSVP (yes or no) to ALL events, wether you go or not. You must attend atleast ONE out of every THREE events. IF you do not, you will be banned from the group. I don't have patience for laziness.


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