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Cannabis Elevation Ceremony: Clearing Out What's Upsetting You
Join me for an emotional tune-up during an evening that will guide you to RELEASE & RELIEF from negative emotions. In today’s cultural chaos, we can lose our internal compass and become confused & troubled by roiling emotions – maybe it’s a general feeling of blah or boredom, self-doubt, frustration, anxiety, sadness or depression. We'll begin our time together getting settled – a brief group conversation and instructions on our evening with a break before starting the session. We then embark upon an exceptional exploratory journey of renewal. Reserve Your Experience Here: FAQ'S DO WE NEED TO BE EXPERIENCED WITH CANNABIS OR MEDITATION? No. This is suitable for all-levels 21-years +. Bring your open-mindedness and willingness to experience an evening of profound depth, personal meaning & emotional healing. DO I HAVE TO USE CANNABIS IN THE ELEVATION CEREMONY? Countless people around the world use the ancient kundalini practices I guide without any outside substances. It's always up to you. HOW MUCH CANNABIS SHOULD I CONSUME? Everyone's relationship to cannabis is different. But "micro-dosing" cannabis with our powerful meditative approaches gives a dynamic lift to our practices. IS IT SAFE? Yes. I curate an evening of safety and connection for you. Often we navigate our lives in a state of stress – on edge, anxious or heightened self-doubt. This inner exploration creates an energetic alignment that can be deeply healing. I am a certified teacher of Emotional Liberation and base much of my work on the ancient discipline from India called kundalini. I'm also a clinical nutritionist, ceremonialist and plant spirit guide. ESSENTIAL INFO: • Come 6:45-ish to get settled (door locked at 7:05p) • $30 a person • Complimentary plant medicine included • Participants must be 21+ • Bring water bottle & journal • Wear loose comfortable clothes (avoid tight pants or jeans) • Your edge walker wildness:) • Recommended: fasting from cannabis at least the day of our gathering may make the experience more powerful Reserve Your Experience Here: We’ll follow our ceremony with warming tea and conscious conversation. Also, if you’re a returning participant and would like easier, simpler and best value access, I invite you to purchase a ceremony 4-pack. Here’s the link for that: Got questions? Connect with me! I look forward to either seeing you again or meeting you for the first time. With Love, Becca ABOUT ME: I guide Elevation Ceremonies and conscious conversations to support people in awakening experiences that enrich and heal their lives. I've been a group facilitator, speaker, and mentor for personal and collective transformation for more than two decades. I'm trained as a clinical nutritionist and am a long-time cannabis advocate, experientially working with the plant to advance states of higher consciousness. Let's have some fun! What attendees are saying: “It is so helpful to be able to use the [cannabis] medicine in a safe and sacred spot for its intended purpose.” – Eric F. “How comfortable & welcoming the environment you provide & how safe it felt to experience feelings & movement of emotion. Thank you!” – Sarah G.

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What we're about

ELEVATION (Cannabis) CEREMONIES & MEDITATION with Becca Williams

• Whether you're experienced with cannabis or totally new to it


• Whether you're a seasoned meditator or have never done it

ALL Adults are Welcome!

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The combination of ancient and active kundalini meditation practices and clean CBD-rich cannabis is a potent pairing for releasing emotional patterns that are interfering with your happiness.

My life's work is to support you in releasing destructive & self-defeating emotions so that you can, at long last, navigate in calm, centered clarity.

My Cannabis-Optional Ceremonies pair cannabis (using various strains and types, based on an individual's desire and experience and always optional) with ancient Eastern kundalini practices employing vigorous body and breath movements (we call them "kriyas").

I know that although most of us look just fine, we all have an inner world that is often dark and difficult to navigate. For this reason, I invite you to join me in experiential gatherings of self-exploration that can open the door to deeper awareness replacing fear, self-doubt, anxiety, depression, sadness, anger and guilt.

These explorations have all been time-tested by me. I have profoundly healed from difficult emotions with these techniques and practices that I want to introduce and equip you with – so you can bring peace to the war in your head.

I invite you to join us and give it a try! Connect with me for questions or thoughts you have. I hope to meet you in one of my ceremonies, workshops or conscious conversation evenings.

With Love, Becca

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