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ELEVATION (Cannabis) CEREMONIES & MEDITATION with Becca Williams

• Whether you're experienced with cannabis or totally new to it


• Whether you're a seasoned meditator or have never done it

ALL Adults are Welcome!

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The combination of ancient and active "industrial strength" meditation practices and clean CBD-rich cannabis is a potent pairing for releasing emotional patterns that are interfering with your happiness.

As you continue doing this work, the turbulence in your life begins dissipating. You disengage from drama and choose to not be sucked in or triggered by situations that present themselves, which enriches your personal and professional life. If you are a seeker who has been looking for a way to change your life, the search is over.

My Cannabis-Optional Ceremonies pair cannabis (using various strains and types, based on an individual's desire and experience and always optional) with active practices employing vigorous body and breath movements (we call them "kriyas").

I know that although most of us look just fine, we all have an inner world that is often dark and difficult to navigate. For this reason, I invite you to join me in experiential gatherings of self-exploration that can open the door to deeper awareness replacing fear, self-doubt, anxiety, depression, sadness, anger and guilt.

These explorations have all been time-tested by me. I have profoundly healed from difficult emotions with these techniques and practices that I want to introduce and equip you with – so you can bring peace to the war in your head.

I invite you to join us! Connect with me for questions or thoughts you have. I hope to meet you in one of my ceremonies, workshops or salon evenings.

With Love, Becca

P.S. Also, for an even better understanding, visit my website: https://beccawilliams.org/

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