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Phoenix Cannabis Coalition's mission is based on the knowledge that cannabis is safe and we as a community should support legislation that will regulate cannabis.

We wish to support Arizona patients in our state's medical marijuana program, actively educate the community truthfully about cannabis and take action to make changes to cannabis laws.

Cannabis is Safe~Regulate~Medicate~Educate

We have chosen to succumb to the hostile takeover of Phoenix NORML.

We were under pressure from people (Kathy Inman with NORML in Arizona)

who we should be working side by side and hand in hand.

Something that was a simple, easily fixable, administrative error, turned into our former friend, disrupting our last meeting with claims of fraud and proclamations of her ownership of Phoenix NORML from which she had resigned (multiple times)!

After months of methodically plotting, planning, and being ignored by us, she STOLE OUR CLUB. She's now posturing...spewing "Us" the smear campaign. Wow. Has this happened before? Yes. Will it happen again? probably ???