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Understanding why Speedlites behave the way they do will undoubtedly give you an advantage when shooting just about any scene. We’ll start with solid foundation of understanding ETTL flash with EOS digital cameras and then show what each button does and how to use them. Learn how flash metering works and how you can step in and control it. You’ll also learn how to use bounce flash effectively for very natural looking photography.

From there, we'll show you how to move from taking snapshots to taking creative flash pictures, using the features in your camera and Speedlites.

If you’re a first-time digital camera user, this presentation will demystify this potentially daunting topic and have you looking for opportunities to use your flash, instead of reasons to leave it in the camera bag. More experienced users will get critical information about precisely controlling flash exposure and getting the results they want the first time out. Finally, we'll touch briefly on the possibilities that exist by moving your Speedlite off-camera, using Canon's wireless E-TTL system.

What you will learn:

Flash basics
In-depth understanding of how E-TTL flash works
Effect of shutter speeds, lens apertures and ISO for flash
The different flash modes: E-TTL, Manual, and Multi
Bounce flash
Controlling flash from the camera menu AND the back of the Speedlite
Flash Exposure Compensation
Integrating flash with ambient light
Flash sync: high-speed sync; 2nd-curtain sync
How flash works with each shooting mode, such as Program (P), Shutter-priority (Tv), Aperture-priority (Av), and Manual (M)

What to bring:

Your EOS camera with fully-charged battery
At least one lens
Memory card
Canon EX-series Speedlite (if you own one), with fresh batteries
A willingness to learn

What is provided:

Canon notebook, pen and lens cloth
Excellent instruction
Coffee, water and light snacks
Canon Speedlite, if you don’t have one to follow along