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Christchurch Outdoors pride themselves at supplying ultralight outdoor gear, including all things camping, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, packs, bags & more.

If you love adventuring, tramping & camping and need quality outdoor products at great prices then you have come to the right place.

We run hiking and tramping events and use Meetup to promote our events, do your next adventure with us.

Checkout or website campinggear.co.nz (https://www.campinggear.co.nz) we also have a strong connection with Epic6 Social Networking so please make sure you join this group as well see epic6.co.nz (https://www.epic6.co.nz).

What is Social Networking?

A phenomenon that enables people with a variety of interests to get together with others in a social setting, with the safety of numbers, and regardless of age, marital status, gender, background or culture.

The mission is to share knowledge, improve social skills, build lasting relationships and friendships, and give each other a real sense of belonging.


To participate in Christchurch Outdoors or Epic6 Social Networking Events (https://www.epic6.co.nz/events/) you must be a registered member and have agreed to our Terms & Conditions (https://www.epic6.co.nz/terms-conditions/). Membership is free and it only takes a minute to Register (https://www.epic6.co.nz/register/) online.

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