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Anyone interested in swim/bike/run/strength/conditioning for triathlon around Canterbury? There are a lot of triathletes of all ability training throughout the region and this site is for anyone wanting to join groups already 'rolling' or start up new ones. This is a community site, which has been set up to bring competent sea swimmers/ cyclists/runners together for 'safety in numbers' social sea/lake swims/rides & runs, to meet new people, introduce new places to train, improve your confidence in the open water/on/off road cycling & running, and to share in adventurous fun! Instead of last minute texting, or being left off the list altogether, swims will be suggested in advance that may be suitable for a particular day. Suggested sessions will try to take into consideration weather, tides and times. Swims vary in distance from 1km up to 5kms+, rides 50-200 km and runs 5 - 30+km. Anyone interested in a particular swim can register their name by clicking 'RSVP'. You will also see who else has signed up and receive email notice (optional). A suggested time and place to meet will also be given, and when possible, an approximate map of the session will be added. As a member, you can also add your own sessions to the site (e.g. regular early morning sets before work, or lunchtime swims/ runs, etc..). This site is set up for everyone to use, add to, comment on... For swimming, bring your usual swim gear - wetsuits, goggles, glide, etc... Suggestions to where to leave cars, etc... will be given if necessary. Please note swimmers: These are not 'organised' swims (unless otherwise posted), there is no safety boat, and swimmers must use good judgement about weather conditions and their swimming abilities. We're just training with friends! Most suggested swims will be morning swims, as the wind tends to get up in the afternoon, but feel free to add whatever swim you like. Remember: Everyone swims/rides/runs at their own risk. Stay safe, have fun!

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Hi, should have introduced this prior to the Lionel Fox Relays but for those interested in getting out for a 4-8km run on (approx.) every other saturday with a team of fellow athletes, the Canty Tri Running club goes to all the Athletics Canterbury XC events over the winter. This is a great way to maintain/build running fitness and we have a great atmosphere, two tents to store your stuff/get changed as well as there is almost always food that team members bring. Some of the races are relays of about 4-5km and others are individual about 6-12km. Check out the Canty Tri Run Club website page: http://www.canterburytriclub.co.nz/rc-registration/ to see the event dates and costs. The season starts this week but there are plenty of races left (11 in total) which is very good value for run club membership fees. Please email me if you have any queries. Salut Andrew

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