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Welcome to the Hero And Legend Kung Fu Association

For those who are truly curious, seeking and driving them selves towards all the right things, this is the Hero And Legend Empowerment Path.

The purpose of the Hero And Legend Empowerment Path as I call it is different for everyone. This path is the road to many many things. The benefits that each individual discover are unique and also connecting in nature. Everyone has their own path that they need to live with and on.

All paths leads to the same destination is what the ancients and sages and so forth project on to us.

The mind that is preoccupied with the past, the future, and or with the present is a mind that that has lost sight of what is truly obtainable, is another projection.

The Hero And Legend Empowerment Path will travel the adventurous through places like:

First destination is Kung Fu Training

If this reminds you of the Matrix, you're on the right path.

Things included with Kung Fu Training develop skill sets that build upon them selves.

Some of these may be familiar, some of these may be things that are new and you have not tried yet.

Caveat is I know you've never done these because you you haven't been in my class yet!

But, just so its easy to get an idea of what's going on....

#1. The 8 Golden Treasures of Buk Sil Lum.

These include things the core origins and foundations of things that students notice are like:

* Yoga

* Asanas

* Meditation

* Pilates

* Core conditioning

* Chi-Gong

* Breathing Exercises

* Calisthenics and more down the road

#2. All the Kung fu basics and ways to develop them from the ground up.

* Firm and flexible foundation in balance and footwork

* Explosive punches

* Devastating kicking maneuvers

* Blocking

* Self Defensive Training

* Dodging and more down the road

#3. All of my 33 plus years and counting of all the martial arts that I'm certified in since 1997.

* Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

* Limpo

* Tan Tui

* Northern Shaolin Close Quarters Attack Routine Form #6 Diun Da

* Other Shaolin Form Multiple Directional Attack # 7 Moi Fa The Plum Blossom

#4. When the student has developed the flexibility, the moves, and coordination to advance to more things.

* Weaponry

* The Pole or Bo Staff

* Chinese Straight Sword

* Chinese Broad Sword

* Lion Dance

* Acrobatics

* Kung Fu Demo Team

* Tournaments

#5. This is the level when Students are ready for more advancement and the furthering of themselves.

* Southern Styles

* Fu Hawk TheTiger And The Crane

* Gun Gee Fok Fu Kune Taming The Tiger

* Sup Ying The Iron Wire

* Wing Chun

All these and waaaay more are included. But the teaching and the learning are amongst the willing.

Within just all this results in and is great for.

* Getting in Shape

* Leading An Active Lifestyle

* Clearing Trauma

* Treating PTSD

* Rehabbing Injuries

* Treating Curing and Preventing all kind of disease and illness

* Living The Life You've Always Wanted

* And much much more!

Classes are available by appointment only and I do teach publicly, and privately.

I host and teach seminars, retreats, camping events, boating and water events, and much much more.

Make your reservation for my time by contacting me here or through coming out to class.

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