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Welcome Parents!

If you're like me, you could use a few more parent friends in our neighborhood.

Parenthood in Seattle can feel really isolating, but it doesn't have to be!
Let's hang out and support one another through this crazy and magnificent journey!

Cap Hill Parents Together is a group that gathers at area coffee shops, parks and play areas with the primary purpose of connecting parents with other parents. The goal is for parents to make meaningful and lasting connections with other parents within our geographical area (includes Cap Hill, Madison Valley, Madison Park, Central Dist, Montlake, etc.) and to combat the isolation that is all too common in this community. As parents, we get so busy with our daily lives, work, kids' schedules, etc, we often fail to make time to connect with other parents!

Networking with other families means more fun, more friendships for kids and adults, and more support when you need a friend to lend a helping hand (like last-minute playdates or childcare, etc.).

This social and networking group is for parents in Cap Hill and surrounding areas (with kids 18 and under). Many of our meetings will be during the school day, and are directed to parents working from home in various forms (since that can be extra isolating) or those parents with more flexible schedules---however, we'll also offer some evening and weekend gatherings too.

We meet at area coffee shops, parks, play areas, community events, or restaurants.

*********I want this to be a community-led group, so I'm open to suggestions on activities---happy to start a book club, go to sports games, or plan a work from home gathering (for parents with flexible office spaces), mom'/dads' night out, or even a community hike, yoga class, or kayaking trip...The possibilities are infinite! The goal is for most meetings to be low cost, open to all families and to require minimal planning, since most of us don't have tons of free time!************


While meetings are primarily social time for parents, kids are usually welcome---but definitely not required, to attend.

Most meet-ups are FREE or low cost (though you may wish to purchase food or snacks at the meeting location).

Looking forward to building a strong community of loving and committed moms, dads, and caregivers of kids!


Shari Schwartz, Mom of 3 in Capitol Hill and Organizer

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Tomorrow! Family Fun in Jefferson Park!

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Armistice Coffee Roaster Eastlake

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