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Cape Coral/Ft. Myers Real Estate & Business Opportunity
Cape Coral/Ft. Myers Real Estate & Business Opportunity
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"Millionaire Mom: $5k to $ 6.5MM Real Estate (You Can Too!)

Get Access to: Realize Your Dreams of Financial Freedom with My Proven Real Estate Investment Strategies
- And Much More!

Join me for my Free Live 1-hr Webinar on how I was able to turn a tiny, tiny inheritance into a small fortune with over 100 units of monthly rental income.

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As a newly single mom of 2 small boys, I took the 5k from grandfather left me and built a real estate cash-flowing empire of 100 rental units. This tiny inheritance (less than the cost of most used cars) is how I started making huge cash flow, even though I didn't know anything about the real estate market at the time.

I learned how to weather the housing marketing crash, and then summoned the strength to rebuild our real estate with more gusto than ever before.

Now I’m telling my story of how I did it, and sharing my secrets to smart investing: showing how to know whether to rent it, flip it, or run.

Here's what we'll cover LIVE on the FREE webinar

The techniques I used to acquire property that jettisoned my portfolio to $6.5M and 100 rental units.

How Understanding Market Timing in any market is critical to your success in building wealth Techniques to Avoid Eating your “Seedcorn.”

How to Goal Setting is Key to Your Success.

Tax Saving Principles that help you keep your gains.

Why it is Essential to be able to Identify & Profit from Market Anomalies to beat the Crowd.

Why Most Investors Fail Year 2 by not Re-analyzing Portfolios.

The ‘Secret’ Total Return on Investment Formula to Become a ‘Billionaire’ per Jeff Wirth of the Wirth Companies.

I’ll also share my thoughts on our current climate and where the opportunities are right now.

Let's Discover Your American Real Estate Dream Together.

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Hosted by: Terry Lee Records, Real Estate Investor, Author, Mom. It's Terry's Personal Story and Free Webinar