Meetup of Meetups: Combining Cape Town DevOps, CTPUG and Women In Tech


We're trying something different this time. We are teaming the DevOps Cape Town, CTPUG and Women in Tech to try to cross-pollinate each meetup.

Agenda 🗓
18:00 - 18:45: Arrive & mingle with people.
18:45 - 20:00: Three 20 minute talks.
20:00 - 21:00: Continue chatting & networking.

Talks 📢
- Blameless Culture: Keeping promises even when people F*** up bad - Gareth Dwyer

Blameless culture in technical teams is a growing trend. I'll talk about taking this to the extreme, focussing on DevOps teams, and ask some questions about how to handle situations where someone has obviously and badly f***ed up (and maybe provide some answers). Even if they don't get blamed, should they at least receive negative feedback as an incentive to not do stupid sh*t again? Maybe not. If you don't enjoy this talk, I am obviously not to blame.

- How to power up your Django ORM - Jethro Muller

The Django ORM is a powerful tool. However, it is often misunderstood and confusing to debug, optimise, and use effectively. Properly using the Django ORM can lead to incredible speed improvements and allow complicated queries to be expressed simply. In this talk, I’ll discuss common debugging, optimisation, and querying techniques to improve productivity and avoid common pitfalls.

- Zindi Data Science Platform - Celina Lee

Celina Lee, CEO of Zindi joins us to discuss the platform and how
data scientists can find all the tools they need on Zindi to compete, share ideas, hone their skills, build their professional profiles and find career opportunities. Zindi is also a place to access African datasets and solve African problems. Whether you are a veteran or a newbie this exciting new platform is definitely worth exploring.

Venue 🏢
12th Floor, Takealot Building 18a Rua da Gama Plain, Foreshore · Cape Town

As you arrive on the 12th floor, to the left is the bar. And to the right is the auditorium.
Please visit the bar and have a drink and a light snack (thanks to Takealot's sponsorship).
Please be in the auditorium at about 18:45 for the talk.

* Street parking on
- Hertzog Blvd on the Auto Atlantic side
- DF Malan on both sides of the street by the Artscape
- Rua Bartholomeu Dias Plain
- Salazar Plain

* Secure parking in
- Auto Atlantic parking ~R10/hour
- Media 24 parking next to Salazar Plain ~R30
- Netcare / Virgin Active parking (access via DF Malan) "Not sure on price"

Please see the map here:

Sponsors 💝
Jetbrains for giving away a full license to one of their products
Takealot for the drinks.
Takealot for the venue.
OfferZen for the speaker gift, shirts and stickers

Code of Conduct ✅
Please see our Code of Conduct here: