Cooking Lesson-Steamed Buns Making (Baozi)


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Baozi (Chinese: About this sound 包子) are a type of steamed, filled bun[1] or bread-like (i.e. made with yeast) item in various Chinese cuisines, as there is much variation as to the fillings and the preparations. In its bun-like aspect it is very similar to the traditional Chinese mantou. It can be filled with meat and/or vegetarian fillings.

Two types are found in most parts of China and Indonesia: Dàbāo (大包, “big bun”), measuring about 10 cm across, served individually, and usually purchased for take-away. The other type, Xiǎobāo (小包, “small bun”), measure approximately 5 cm wide, and are most commonly eaten in restaurants, but may also be purchased for take-away. Each order consists of a steamer containing between three and ten pieces. A small ceramic dish is provided for vinegar or soy sauce, both of which are available in bottles at the table, along with various types of chili and garlic pastes, oils or infusions, fresh coriander and leeks, sesame oil, and other flavorings. (Quoted from Wikipedia)

Are you interested in learning how to make steamed buns?

Programme on the this event
1. Learning the technique of making steamed buns

Limit: 10 participants (maximum)

fees: 250 Rand per person

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Apron please!

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