Agile Abundance Open House Leadership and Coaching Day


You can still join!

Come play the Agile Fluency Game/FluencyByDesign Simulation and explore strategies for creating Agile Abundance!

You're invited to an Agile Open House on November 24th, sponsored by International Agile Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Agile Trainer Steve Holyer. Take a small part of your weekend to enhance your agile coaching and management toolkit with new pragmatic skills for understanding and accelerating an agile transition at any scale.

Please note this is a paid event & only pass holdera can attend. Signup here and then purchase your pass at

While the invitation is open to all, the nominal cost helps ensure commitment, and it defrays the cost of the event.

Are you getting the maximum value from your Agile transition? What is possible? How do you know the maximum potential that your Agile teams hold, and how do you unlock it?

You'll receive most of the outcomes for this day by playing the FluencyByDesign Simulation/Agile Fluency Game with a team of players like yourself. The game is an entertaining (and business educational) board game that uses the Agile Fluency Model as a guide for a full multi-year agile transition. Through the experiential learning you'll develop a new understanding of the way agile transitions progress from pre-agile to focusing on value, to delivering it, to optimising your system for delivering full value. You'll learn some pragmatic tips for guiding the journey.

After we play, we'll explore your questions about your transition together, or maybe we'll play another game.

1. Play the newest strategic agile board game—the FluencyByDesign Simulation/Agile Fluency Game which was created by James Shore and Arlo Belshee with Steve Holyer, Diana Larsen, Adam Light and Bonnie Aumann.

2. Debrief the play experience and relate it to your questions and challenges as an Agile leader or coach.

3. Hold an open house party that you create. Ask puzzling questions, search for answers with some expert guidance, and share insights on the full Agile transition. Maybe play another game.

This open house meetup is offered for the nominal price of R390. This small fee will defray the costs of the meetup, and serves to encourage a commitment to attend the event. S Of course, you can transfer your pass to another person. It's very unlikely that we'll cancel, but if we do cancel we'll naturally offer full refunds.

Special thanks to Project CodeX who has offered their learning space for the event.


Agile Leaders, Managers and Coaches

Agile coaches, leaders and managers will value the deep understanding of the full progression of an Agile transition. Leaders will leave the day ready to start new conversations about strategies for cultivating the agile transition to accelerate the return on investment.

Agile coaches will learn new coaching strategies for working with leaders and teams in order to help the enterprise perfect their Agile adoption.

Steve Holyer is a sought after international agile coach, consultant, keynote speaker, trainer and friend to the South African Agile Community. Steve creates content and learning experiences that help Agile enterprises of any size understand their Agile transition, sustain it for the long term, and get full value from it. Steve mostly works with banks and mid-sized contracting/web development agencies. He is often invited to work aound the wold in cities such as Zurich, Berlin, Dublin, Cologne, Malaga, Budapest, San Diego, Johannesburg, Amsterdam, Austin, Cape Town and many more. Steve has a passion for helping inclusive organisations create abundance through the pragmatic application of Agile practice and an invitational open space mindset.