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Hikers and campers who live in the city! This is a group for people who like to hike and camp and who live, work, or frequently visit central Seattle neighborhoods. There are a ton of great outdoors groups around the region, but this group has a deliberately narrow geographic focus to facilitate carpooling, gear sharing and post-Meetup socializing. The group is primarily focused on wilderness type activities that involve traveling out of the city, but in-town adventures are encouraged as well!

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2 Nights Backpacking at Surprise and Glacier lakes

6601 8th Ave NE

"Please Read & Answer Questions, and You need communicate with us because you will not count in attendees"
1-everyone respond their self, and if you can not think the risk please don't take it..
2-we watch each other and help each others..do not put other one under risk..
3-pandemic rules still on, if you don't take vaccination please don't take risk and not join because can be risky for your self..

beside all welcome..please keep reading the add, and answer the questions to join but you need communicated with us if you are serious..or you will not count..

this time before full winter kicks in we will do Backpacking 2 night,3 days at 2 lakes which is Surprise and Glacier lakes..


Location Central Cascades -- Stevens Pass - West
Length 11.0 miles, round trip
Elevation Gain: 2700 ft.
Highest Point: 4900 ft

Drivers need Northwest forest pass
Attendees pays gas support, from each person $25 for this trip

area has wilderness permit rules, and no free at trail head sign..

we will hike to Glacier lake and 1st day we camp there, and second day we hike back to Surprise lake and stay there, Sunday morning we will out
from area around 9am start hike back to cars.

what do you need?
1-Tent or Hammock/ Sleeping bag/ air pad/ extra clothes for night/extra socks for night.
2-water (Nalgene) bottle/mug/fork-spoon-knife/backpacking stove-gas canister or alcohol burner type stove/head lamp or flash light/pepper spray/we hang food to tree so better bring dry bag to hang
3-toilet paper for your use/couple plastic bags/towel/if you like jump into cold water bring swimming suit/water shoes will good to have or something for your feet rest
4-food we prefer dry food like backpacking food or noodle to make easy/snacks/dry fruit or fresh/tea bags/sugar
**bring food enough not to much because will be to heavy

If weather not good we will change the area, and i will post on add common section..communication runs with text or email here..so we can know who is really coming...

**if you don't have enough gear like tent/hammock-sleeping bag-air pad just ask me..i have extra and you can use with little fee.

we may need another driver depends group size..add will be post in 4 groups and we can have more attendees..we meet at Green lake P&R and we can extend 15 min for late attendees but stick in time please..meeting hour 7 am, and we leave 715am..
so please be on time.
add will post on facebook under "Seattle Camping-Hiking-Snowshoeing-lifestyle group" too

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