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Women in Transformation
WIt is for any woman who is going through a transitional aka Transformational time. This can be college graduation, career change, health changes, moving to new places, divorce, empty nest, new nest, new relationship
or just simply wanting to change old patterns of living and exploring new ways to be and express ourselves joyfully.

We are a support and exploration group for women who are transitioning and transforming into new ways of living in this amazing world. We will explore our internal possibilities through the arts, meditation, ongoing support and an exchange of ongoing encouragement and inspiration of each other. We will share the leadership of our meeting and introduce members to our our unique skill set.by planning an d hosting a meeting on a rotating schedule or desire. We will have a regular monthly meeting and a quarterly 'workshop' which will be long enough to really enjoy a unique and amazing experience.

WIT is a respectful safe fun place to share and grow new 'selves',

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Ecology of Self

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WIT - Women in Transformation!!!!!


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