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I myself have found that the Standard American Diet doesn't seem to lead to good health for me. What I am learning is that removing unhealthy refined foods including grains and other processed foods, focusing on whole organic foods and reducing carbs does work. I have tried to eat traditionally whole organic foods in the past, and I had tried Atkins a few times to lose weight, but it was when I embraced the ketogenic lifestyle that I noticed improvements such as reduction in blood pressure, lower triglycerides and a loss of 20 pounds. And I just plain feel better when I'm in ketosis.

This group is for like minded individuals who want to be healthy and are trying to figure out what and how to eat. Who want to eat healthier and even lose weight. A focus will definitely be on carb reduction, especially unhealthy ones, but also other aspects of healthy eating. We can share ideas and information about our different approaches. Support each other in how to change our daily habits and also how to cook using these new approaches. This group will hopefully be informational, supportive and fun.

If you aren't sure what these approaches mean but are interested in learning more, I would suggest you check out the movie about the ketogenic diet "The Magic Pill" on Netflix, or the series "The Paleo Way" with Pete Evans on Netflix. There are a number of experts out there as well such as Nina Teicholz, Gary Taubes and Maria Emmerich who are very knowledgeable and have a lot of good information that I know of because I have been reading them myself.

If this group is of interest to you... then Welcome!

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