Talks About Interesting Things


Welcome to 2015!

Sorry for the date change... the event is happening but it's going to be on the 11th instead of the 4th.

We have a very eclectic mix of talks for this event... a line up that I'm pretty excited about.

~6:40 Andrew heads up our Logistics team and built Instacart's operational platform. He'll give an overview of the tech we currently use and share stories about some of our successes and failures - like an early customer who ordered 10 bananas and received 10 bushels of bananas - to give a glimpse of the team and how they work through problems in logistics, mobile, inventory management, and consumer-facing features.

~7:00 Christian from Carbon Five is going to share thoughts on Teams, drawn from his experience working with dozens over the years as a consultant. What does a productive team look like? How do you work well as a team? What are some of the most common anti-pattens and fixes? There's more to being a team than just "working together" and when it's good, it's tremendously rewarding.

~7:30 Kasima and Alex will talk about the design and development of a recent project for the Burning Man Arts and Crafts Festival in Nevada. Anita's Dropship is a self-contained mobile sound and light installation that produces an evergreen supply of sometimes beautiful, occasionally obnoxious, dubstep whose drops are delivered on demand via user collaboration.

Light fare and drinks will be served.

Doors open at 6p and we'll get started with the talks around 6:30.

Thanks for your patience... this is happening and it's going to be good. Stay tuned for more information!