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Come and talk. Come and listen. Come and make friends.
General club night! We're speaking in public in front of all who attend. First time? Great, we'd love to see you! Come and listen to us practicing our speaking skills and we'll offer you the chance to do the same with a little introduction of yourself. Currently there are about 12 regulars with more who attend when they can or when they have a public speaking appointment they want to practice for. What happens on a usual night? Speeches - These are 8 minute speeches that people have prepared to say. These get evaluated so we can encourage and correct. Topics session - These are 3 minute speeches that we have to make up on the spot. One of our members picks the topics for the evening. These can be really fun because they're off the cuff! We also have a break during the evening to refill our drinks and get to know each other. First couple of meetings are free, then if you like it we'll ask you to become a member to help cover the costs of the evening. This is only £40 for the whole year! Bargain!! There's a £10 cost for the accompanying booklet that gives you help with all the speech levels. Check out the 'about us' tab on the left to learn more! Looking forward to meeting you!!

The Pantmawr

Rhiwbina · Cardiff

What we're about

Cardiff Mixed Speakers club ( is a friendly speakers club for both men and women, young and not so young.

We meet in the function room of the Pantmawr Inn (, Rhiwbina, Cardiff on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month at 7pm until 9pm.

If you have a specific event coming up where you'll need to speak in front of a group (wedding speech, university project, work presentation...) then we can help you to prepare for that event within a relaxed and supportive environment.

We currently have between 15-20 regular attendees, all at different stages of ability. The friendly nature of the club means we're particularly supportive of new starters and build their confidence quickly by giving them the opportunity to speak and then give advice on how to improve.

The club is affiliated to the Association of Speakers clubs ( and there is a 10 stage program that members follow in their journey to become accomplished speakers.

The assessment level increases from level 1 to level 10 - from making a start to the masterpiece and encompasses speaking techniques including speaking with conviction, use of voice (pitch, pace, pause), use of notes, use of gestures, use of humour and audience rapport.

Each speech is critically evaluated by a fellow club member and the speaker is encouraged to retake the speech if it can be improved - those giving the evaluations are encouraged to give constructive feedback. You won't be embarrassed - honest!

It really is great fun. You WILL make friends. You WILL improve your speaking skills.

Come and join us. You won't regret it.

Please feel free to message me if you have additional questions and check out our photos section ( for more insight!

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