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Welcome to the Cardiff Personality Type Meetup! We’re a new group dedicated to exploring the world through the lens of personality type. We examine a wide range of theories about personality, such as the Big Five, MBTI, Enneagram, Socionics, Psychoanalysis, Psychosophy and more to understand ourselves and humanity in greater depth. We welcome everyone from interested beginners to those who cannot stop pondering personality!

We will do this through a plethora of discussions, workshops and talks covering these theories to create answers together about interesting questions such as: ‘Why do I think the way I do?’, ‘What determines compatibility?’, ‘What motivates us?’, ‘Can our personalities change?’, ‘Is personality natural?’, ‘Can I overcome my weaknesses?’ and much more.

Our events will cater to both newbies and experts so that personality discussions can both be innovative and rigorous as well as welcoming and informative. Initially, events will introduce and discuss these theories. After the first few events we will start to have events dedicated to applying them in more depth as well.

We ultimately hope to promote a dedicated and inclusive community where people can discuss personality freely. Our Message Board has some basic resources and tests for exploring your personality if you would like to find out more about yourself and these theories. We look forward to meeting you!

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Exploring The 5 Love Languages

Philharmonic (Stop JP)

A big thanks to Diana for suggesting this topic! All are welcome to this event which explores one of the key ideas for appreciation and resentment within intimate relationships. This event will be primarily discussion based and open-ended in nature. Gary Chapman originated the concept of Love Languages in his 1992 work, 'The Five Love Languages'. He identified these languages over the course of his counselling career, and, he saw them as an exhaustive list! Each of us apparently has a primary and secondary preferred love language for expressing and receiving meaningful affection with others. It goes that the other languages are therefore perceived less meaningfully; laying the foundations for possible interpersonal conflict further down the line. Are there more than 5 love languages? Is understanding the Love Languages a useful tool for understanding interpersonal conflicts and resentments? Do our preferences change? Is it more of a product of nature or nurture? Does our preference depend on the person we're interacting with? Answer these questions with us on October 7th and stick around for some friendly chatter afterwards! Handy to Know: * Please arrive at the venue (Philharmonic, downstairs: first left from the front entrance) for before 7PM to facilitate a complete and prompt start to the evening. * As a new group, our biggest priority is to continually improve our meetings. Feedback and suggestions are invaluable for this, so any would be appreciated at the end of the meeting! * At the end of the meeting there is always a vote on the next topic. Suggestions are always welcome. If you have any questions about this event or the Meetup, just let me know With best wishes, Kyle

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The Enneagram and The Self

Philharmonic (Stop JP)

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