• 'Unofficial' Xmas Social 2018
    An unofficial Xmas social! No speakers! No site review! Just a few drinks down the pub, back where it all began! (The upstairs of Tiny Rebel was Cardiff SEO Meet's venue for the first three events back in 2016, back when it was known as Urban Tap House.) If the upstairs is open and publicly accessible then we'll be in there, otherwise we'll be in one of the downstairs rooms. I (Steve) will be wearing a Cardiff SEO Meet t-shirt, so look out for me on one of the tables. I'll tweet on @CardiffSEOMeet (https://twitter.com/CardiffSEOMeet) if we end up moving rooms or whatnot. I'll also keep a close eye on Meetup/Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/whatever if you're struggling to find us or if you have any questions before arriving. Just to emphasise: this is NOT a traditional Cardiff SEO Meet event... We haven't booked a room (I've not sorted anything out with Tiny Rebel). There's no speakers or site review. There's no free food or drink (sorry)! There's no sponsors. It's just a very casual, low-key, informal social. Feel free to drop in just for a quick one, or even drop in later if you can't make it for bang on 5:30pm. It's really easy-going - I'll just be there chillin' basically. It'll be good to meet and chat to you guys without being in event-running/headless-chicken mode! They serve food as well FYI, so feel free to eat there rather than before/after.

    Tiny Rebel

    25 Westgate Street · CF10 1DD

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