Cardiff SEO Meet #12 - May 2019

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Respond by 2:15 PM on 5/23.

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10 Feet Tall

11A-12 Church St · Cardiff

How to find us

CAR: St. David's 2 is a 5-min walk away & has a large car park | TRAIN: From Cardiff Central, leave out the front/main entrance, head right, turn left onto St Mary Street & look for Church Street on your right - 10 Feet Tall is on there on the right.

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Another event at our new venue: 10 Feet Tall, in the Big Top room (upstairs).

Please note the earlier start time of 6:15pm (NOT 6:30pm)!


Order TBC...

"The 6 Step Program for Delivering Great Digital CX"
Pete Watson-Wailes, Tough & Competent (

Improving digital customer experience (CX) is one of the top 3 priorities for the majority of organisations as stated by their shareholders and boards, so you'd have thought everyone would be getting good at it. And yet most people loathe interacting with most organisations. The problem is that departments are (generally) siloed, and Google and Facebook and co are getting more and more aggressive with keeping users on their own properties.

Addressing this means changing how organisations make use of digital tools and data, and how they present themselves through digital platforms to the world. We'll be looking at how both can be delivered effectively to deliver a better run organisation which people actually like.

From the organiser: Pete's background is in technical SEO but in recent years has shifted to CX - and it looks to be a really informative talk.

"Making Headlines: Pitching Tips From An Ex-Journalist"
Surena Chande, Verve Search (

During my time as a journalist, I received many misguided pitches from PRs and SEOs. From whether to pitch an Editor or Reporter (or both), to which section editors are relevant for your campaign press releases, I want to share my pitching tips to help ensure that your campaign gets the coverage it deserves. Using both the outreach strategy tactics I have learnt at Verve Search, along with my experience from the other side of pitching, I'll explain what methods we use, looking at how - and when - to best target journalists.

I'll be explaining the above with a range of real-life examples from my time at Verve Search so far, in order to leave the audience with actionable changes they can make to their outreach and link building strategies that should hopefully increase their chances of acquiring links!

From the organiser: One of our regulars asked for a talk on this subject, so it's great that Surena is able to deliver it - and from one of the most well-renowned SEO agencies in the UK to boot.


As usual, we will be analysing and auditing a volunteered website live on the night! We have our willing volunteer lined up - a few days beforehand we'll announce who it is so that you can research them beforehand if you like. SISTRIX ( is our site review sponsor, so we'll be using their toolset to help us analyse the volunteered site and find some 'quick wins'!


Like last time, 10 Feet Tall will be providing us with some yummy buffet food, while there'll also be a drink voucher for every attendee. If you have any dietary requirements beyond vegetarian then please let us know ASAP, ideally no later than the Monday beforehand at the latest. You can message us (via Meetup) or drop a comment below.

Once again a big thank you to our sponsors, who cover the cost of the free food & drink:

Ghost Marketing -
Traffic Jam Media -
Escentual -
Red Squirrel Marketing -

Also a big thank you to our website sponsor Marka ( and photo/video sponsor GSD Media UK (


SISTRIX are planning on running one of their workshops during the day ahead of the meetup, at a venue nearby. If it goes ahead, all the info you need should appear on here: