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WordPress Novice To WordPress Specialist and Lightning Talks

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We hope you enjoyed our last meetup on Google tags, analytics and using the right words to talk about your WordPress business. A massive thanks to Melin and Nathan for their great talks!

The last few meetups have been two talks and some networking. This time we’re changing the format. Josh Bedford is going to be giving us quite a personal talk on how he ended up working as a WordPress specialist, and then we’re going to open up the floor to a few lightning talks.

The lightning talks will be 10 minutes each, so probably somewhere between 5 to 10 slides. They can be less than 10 minutes, but ideally they won’t exceed that limit. We’d love to get as many volunteers on the stage to share a thought, an idea, a recommendation, a trick or technique. So why not have a think and if you come up with some you’d like to share, let us know in advance :-)

Like last time, we’ll be having another Honesty Jar for you to throw some money in for the drinks you consume. Thank you for contributing last time, please do so again this time.

Doors Open At 18:00, we aim to get started around 18:30


WordPress: a journey

Josh Bedford - a WordPress specialist at Illustrate Digital in Cardiff Bay


In this talk Josh will outline some of his journey from starting out as a self-confessed WordPress novice to now working as a WordPress Specialist for Illustrate Digital in Cardiff Bay, with challenges he's found along the way, as well as where he sees himself going from here. Taking a humorous approach, Josh looks at how ‘on paper’ you’d never expect him to be doing what he's doing now, but now that he's doing it he can’t see himself ever doing anything else. He’ll talk about agency life and why it should be fun, and will also share the tools he's found useful and give opinions on how to get the best out of WordPress. This talk will be useful not only for those wanting to progress with WordPress, but also for agency owners to consider how to grow their staff and get the most potential from them. Plenty of jokes and silly pictures included.


Break for Drinks and Networking


Lightning Talks

Who wants to volunteer?

We’d like a few people to volunteer to give a series of 10 minute talks on a variety of WordPress related matters. What you talk about it totally up to you. If you’ve been to a few of our events, you’ll already know we cover a wide range of topics.

Fancy it? Let us know and send your ideas to [masked]

So far we have:

Davey Brown - Davey's Top 2 Plugins


Davey will be talking about two WordPress plugins that he uses most often: Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and Custom Post Type UI (CPT UI). With these plugins, you can create a powerful, user friendly, and easy to manage WordPress dashboard, quickly, and without coding (much). He’ll run through a working example, talk about pros and cons, and explain how you can show your created posts and fields on your pages.

Ben - Improving WordPress Core Performance


Ben will be talking to you about how to increase the speed and performance of your WordPress core build by removing some unnecessary files and most importantly why you should! Ben will run through the pros of performance on the net and why it should be one of the essential parts to building a website.