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MISSION STATEMENT – Care 4 Creation –
We believe we are called to care for creation as part of our long-standing Catholic tradition of environmental justice supported by Catholic theology. This tradition of Care for Creation has again been emphasized by Pope Francis in his recent encyclical Laudato Si.
As the Care 4 Creation Committee (C4C) our mission is to support Sacred Heart’s clergy and laity to incorporate Care for Creation into the fabric of its worship, actions and advocacy. C4C will provide spiritual and technical support, information and resources to Sacred Heart in its planning and operations of Care for Creation. This will include:
1) In our parish’s frequent prayer and witness, and in members’ everyday prayer intentions and witnesses,
2) In energy efficiency and other environmental activities such as, e.g. weatherizing the facilities, installing trees and rain gardens, replacing energy inefficient systems and appliances, installing alternative energy, greening church events, etc., at the parish and other sites.
3) In encouraging and organizing advocacy to protect creation through petitions, letters, editorials and other testimonies to officials, businesses, newspapers and others. In advocating to clergy and parishioners to adopting care for creation into their daily work.
Sacred Heart Care 4 Creation developed a mission statement using input from all members to provide direction to our work to support C4C at the parish sites and within our parish community.

Three major areas include: 1) prayer and witness 2) energy efficiency and environmental activities, 3) advocacy.

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Meet and Greet

Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library

Hello everyone, Rose and myself would like to thank you for joining this meetup group. We created this group to invite those who care about climate change to come together on a platform that empowers individuals to reach out, communicate, collaborate, publicize, and request help from fellow members. We want to support each other and foster camaraderie, fellowship, advocacy, and communication within our community. This first meetup will be about getting to know one another, sharing stories about what concerns us the most about climate change, brainstorm ideas for future events and activities, and discuss core values. We will also invite people to take more active roles on the leadership team if any volunteers exist. So let's get together and introduce ourselves!

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