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Setting Up LinkedIn SO THAT Recruiters Can Find You

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Setting Up LinkedIn SO THAT Recruiters Can Find You


LinkedIn is the one job search tool that you can assume every recruiter uses. Without an active presence on LinkedIn, you can assume that recruiters will overlook you.

We want you to be found by recruiters; this means you need a profile on LinkedIn and daily activity on LinkedIn.

There are no secrets about LinkedIn. It is just a wonderful tool for recruiters and job seekers. We will be talking about the fundamentals of LinkedIn. We will do some basic searches on LinkedIn so that you can understand how recruiters use it.

If you already have a LinkedIn profile, please join the Career Confidence LinkedIn group.

If you are new to
Laura Hamilton and Robert Brandau give an overview of

Also, here is our brochure

If you are willing, would you take a minute to enter your full information into our database? This will allow us to contact you and could be a huge benefit to your career. provides FREE job search educational services. At the end of this seminar, there will be an 8-minute Christian story.

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