Writing Resumes which Recruiters Want to Read

This is a past event

10 people went


We are offering this in conjunction with Skill Source of Fairfax County Government.

The VIEW Job Center,

Pennino Building

12011 Government Center Pkwy.

Fairfax, Virginia 22035

We will be in Room 206A

Recruiters get inundated with resumes. Typically a recruiter spends about 3 seconds per resume. Unless your resume is written so that it is easy for a recruiter to read, your resume could easily be overlooked.

There is a methodology which you can follow which will increase the likelihood of your resume getting read thoroughly by recruiters. The BJSP leaders know of situations where this methodology actually was responsible for a candidate getting a great job offer.

We will be teaching this resume writing methodology. Prior to this seminar, you will receive an e-mail offering you the possibility of having your resume commented on during the seminar.

We also will talk about why there are differences of opinion with regards to how resumes should be written. There is no possible way for anyone to write a resume which every recruiter believes to be perfect. What we want is a resume which allows you to get the job interview.

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Comments from Previous Attendees

I'm so glad to have attend the resume writing workshop. In the workshop where I thought that I needed a serious overhaul of my resume, I don't. Yes, my resume needs improvement; no doubt, but not in the direction where I was going to start all over from scratch. The workshop pointed out some eye catching techniques to use, how to organize your content, and tips on what to include in that content. The best thing about attending any of the workshops is that everyone shares and when everyone shares, everyone learns! I feel more prepared now about making some modifications than I did before attending. Thank you.

This resume writing workshop was very informative with lots of specific comments from recruiters on what they want to see and do not want to see on a resume. Although I thought my resume was fairly good, there are several things that I will change/update based on Robert Brandau's suggestions and sample resume he reviewed with the group. It was also very good to hear about what a small part the resume plays in the entire hiring process (in the commercial sector). Robert reinforced the fact that networking and face to face contact continues to be the best way to find a job.