Crafting Your Personal Brand with Jen Dalton

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Define your brand, before others define it for you. What is your reputation? Do others perceive you the way you want them to professionally? What are you known for? I partner with you to answer these questions and build a "stand out so you can get in" personal brand.

Jen Dalton is passionate about enabling individuals and companies to define their brand and differentiate themselves in authentic, credible, and relevant ways to the market.

She leverages her 15 years of management and marketing experience to help people and companies write their stories, define their reputation, and deliver on their unique promise of value. Integrating your message, your brand positioning, is critical to come across clearly, consistently, and visibly.

Treat this seminar as a formal job interview. For men this means wearing suit and tie. Bring several copies of your resume.

At the end of this seminar there will be an 8-minute Christian story.