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Career-Confidence.org helps motivated people shorten their job search and/or helps them increase their compensation.

Experienced professionals in Human Resources, Contingency Recruiting, Career Coaching, and Executive Search provide solid advice to job seekers. This is geared towards motivated job seekers who understand that finding a job is a skill just like any other business skill.

There is a seriousness about our events that surprises many people.

Our seminar topics cover some obvious topics such as writing resumes which recruiters will read. We cover advanced topics such as negotiating your job offer. Finally, we cover topics that few people consider such as how to have a job created for you when no job exists.

Every event is free to job seekers. However, if anyone wants to contribute to offset our expenses, it will be gladly accepted.

Career-Confidence.org is a business education organization. All the content is controlled by people who are experienced professional recruiters. At the end of most seminars there is a 10-minute Christian story. The legal entity that runs this is a Christian organization.


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Excellent Habits of High-Performing Teams

Launch Workplaces

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Professional Friendships Lead to Career Success with Jill Marshall Annitto

Does the thought of networking make you feel kind of “icky”? Do you believe that networking is primarily about “selling yourself” or “making small talk”? If so, you’re not alone, and this workshop is definitely for you! Networking can be fun, especially when you realize that it’s about not just receiving but giving, as well—and about meeting new professional friends. Sustainable, fruitful networking is an ongoing process made up of connections that are built on trust, over time. Once you understand the basics of establishing rapport and making meaning connections, the question then becomes: where should you network? There are hundreds of opportunities, how do you know which are best for you? And what do you do once you’ve made new connections? In this highly interactive workshop, you'll learn the important skills of how to meet new people in a professional setting, how to answer the question, “What do you do?” in an interesting and compelling way, and how to nurture and grow your professional network. Jill Marshall Annitto is a professional adventure coach and networking enthusiast, who helps her clients embrace challenges, and go beyond their limiting beliefs. As a US Army veteran, adventure traveler, and former marathon runner, Jill has experienced the exhilaration of triumphing over boundaries and persevering until the next big breakthrough. Treat this seminar as a formal job interview. For men, this means wearing a suit and tie. Bring several copies of your resume. At the end of most Career-Confidence.org seminars, there is an 8-minute Christian story.

Katie Nelson speaking

Launch Workplaces

Katie Nelson of SalesUprising will be teaching on the basics of sales for non-sales people. All of us are in sales. Finding a job is a sales process. More details coming

Becoming a Candidate Whom Recruiters Proactively Market

Launch Workplaces

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Living in the Solutions Space with Kathy Murphy

Launch Workplaces

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