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These roundtable discussions are for Toronto professionals and aspiring professionals of any career stage who want to ensure they are managing their careers using the most contemporary tools and strategies.

While we may all seek or share advice, I will have at the ready formalized content and tools from my Career Development workshops of the same name that I teach at University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies (full bio and workshop listing can be found at https://learn.utoronto.ca/why-continuing-studies/about-our-instructors/instructors/larry-patrick-zolob ). These workshops will also ensure I evolve my future workshops to reflect what's currently on the minds of the community. The insights gathered in these meetups will also help inform some aspects of an app I'm designing to further support my career objectives of better preparing Canadians for successful careers.

We can cover topics that span the entire career development domain from considering a new career to networking to searching, landing and starting your new job. I am also open to entertaining topics related to on-the-job opportunities and challenges in developing your career. I welcome and am prepared to discuss topics related to diversity, career change, overcoming bias and too much/too little experience, among others.

Meetings will be in midtown to be as central to the GTA as practical. We will experiment with days of the week, times and locations to best suit the group; to start, we'll meet after work (great to debrief after your day!) and maybe test a Sunday late morning.

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After Work Career Coffee Chat & Networking

Boxcar Social

Welcome to the meetup! We will try a new location for this meetup, Boxcar Social near Summerhill station. One of the objectives of this meeting is to connect with new members, network and get to know each other. My other primary objective is to audit subtopics of interest so I can prepare any content that might be needed and consider creating occasional meetups around key themes. You can share ideas in the meetup chat or we can wing it when we get together! We will certainly make time to talk shop and begin the process of helping each other. My goal is to ensure that through each session we emerge with some great learning to drive our careers forward.

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Sunday Career Coffee Chat


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