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Secrets of Happiness & Meaningful Life

We believe everyone has the potential, to develop or discover, a career filled with happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment. Right now however, you might be feeling stuck, frustrated or unfulfilled with your career or life commitment. We get that. It's pretty common, but there's plenty of support available if you need it.

This group will focus on how to channel your potential into new career directions, or your current life path,


Career and Life coaching Meetup is open to anyone who wants to improve their career and life skills from little tweaks to massive changes.

Here's some examples of people who would benefit from joining the group:

You want to make a career change or start a new business?

Are you in the middle of career /life transition?

You feel trapped in your current career or job, but would love to make a fresh start

Do you have a problem that’s been around for a long time and you have never managed to sort it out?

Is your life all work and no play?

Do you have goals and don’t know how to achieve them?

Do you think, things could be better if you had a new job?

Do you have problem expressing yourself?

Do you feel you are in a rut and don’t know how to get out of it?

Do you have problem managing time or being more organized?

Are you having difficulty in problem solving or decision making?

Are you having self-confidence/self-esteem issues?

Are you experiencing anxiety, depression etc.?

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