What we're about

This is a networking group for anyone - from any background - at any stage in life - who is looking to learn about or make a career move into start-up and small-midsize business investing. This includes Venture Capital, Angel Investing, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Hybrid / Alternative equity funding models, Search Funds, Family Offices, Start-up Studios, and more.

You could be:
A manager at a corporation running a side hustle and want to understand how to raise funding to grow it.
An operational finance professional and you want to break into the world of investing.
A founder, consultant, or anyone looking to start your own fund
An entrepreneur with creative ideas for new alternative fund strategies
A new fund manager, looking for partners and/or new ideas
A business executive interested in taking a first step into angel investing
. . . or anyone else, really.

The purpose of the meetup is to share knowledge, help each other achieve success with our career growth, and just make friends who are all working on this same challenging path. Meetups will be informal, and while we welcome entrepreneurs looking for funding, this isn't a place to pitch your startup, as it should be low pressure for any active investors who choose to join our meetups. There will be a private slack channel where we can ask the network for advice, and a dedicated thread for founders that want to announce their raise.

As we grow, we'll invite speakers who have achieved success to share their story, and welcome any and all suggestions from the community.

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