What we're about

Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity goals. How can we as a community and as experts support you in having ALL of these?

Easy Business Ownership:
This is a community dedicated to supporting people looking to transition from career to business ownership using an easy franchising model. Many people are confused about franchising. We have seen it work and want to share our success secrets with you … so you can transition successfully into franchise business ownership that feeds you into your retirement.

We look at your transition as a systematic and methodical process to ensure that all four factors Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity goals are attained.

What you will gain from joining our group:
1. Educational events (mostly free of charge) to attend to learn more – basics through details.
2. Networking and social events to build connections.
3. And much more!

Please Join Our Group asap to start getting your benefits!

Barb and Ken Westmoreland,
Seasoned Franchise Coaches and Educators, Organizers.

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