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This group was formed for anyone that is caring for aging parents and/or relatives who are looking for advice, information and support. We will help families start the difficult conversations with their loved ones by helping them navigate through the varied resources, services, and information.

Today our current culture is reactionary when making decisions with or for our loved ones. With a growing senior demographic, the current services available are not meeting the demand and as a result of that, many seniors and their families are finding themselves in a crisis situation. Services are disjointed, and families find out, often too late, the lack of options available to them when making plans with little notice. When we removed the ability to choose, and the ability to adjust to the change, we increase the stress felt by everyone in the situation, but most importantly the Senior.

We will help people take a Proactive Approach, educating them on different options, detailed planning, appropriate timelines, and services to help them make decisions for the future from a positive and empowered position.

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Guest Speaker: Alzheimer Society of Toronto

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