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Let's get together to share recipes, learn new cooking techniques, enjoy each other's company and enjoy great food! I'd like to get together for potlucks, BBQs, dinner parties and more! We can check out local restaurants as well. I love to cook and dine out and would love to meet people in the area with similar interests.

You can become a member of the exclusive group within this group called Chef Marian Foodies Restaurant Reviews, by simply texting or emailing you name, cell and email. This puts you on a special list. You get notified before we put up new Restaurant Review Events.

If you have a deposit in for each person going then when the rsvp's go up, you can add yourself and your +1 if you have one, and be guaranteed a seat. Each dinner is either 4 people, 6 people, 8 people or 10 people. Obviously, the smaller the table the harder to get in.

If you do not get in and there is a waitlist, we will do a lunch or dinner at that restaurant and I will make sure you get it, if seats are available (list you as my +1 when I post it)!

Please go to https://chefmarian.com and click purchases at the top, books and classes, you will find out how to use PayPal or Venmo for your deposit. The deposit is $22. $2 is non refundable to pay for PayPal/Venmo/Admin fees. You get $20 back at the event. This just prevents last minute cancellations and no shows, since your deposit goes to the table for a bottle of wine or desserts, if you do not send someone to replace you.

Of course, there will be other events here on Carlsbad Foodies that several event organizers will post that will be fun too and many of them are free!

Looking forward to dining with you!
Chef Marian
Text: 619-851-0808

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Restaurant Review: Wolfie’s Carousel Bar, Little Italy

Needs a location

The next Restaurant Review is at Wolfie’s Carousel Bar, Little Italy

Drinks and Dinner - 2401 Kettner Blvd B, San Diego 92101

It's actually indoors. Click here to learn more about it!

This has great drinks and amazing food, with a very limited menu. I hear their Caviar Grilled Cheese and Parisian Mushroom Gnocchi is amazing!

Deposit: Zelle and Apple Pay preferred. Go to Chef Marian for more details
$25.00 (returned to you - $20 at the event)
Please arrive 15 minutes early

Come shopping for Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Filipino Ingredients with me!

I was sitting having a nice happy hour with Chi from our group, when we came up with this great shopping idea, originally for the two of us to do. (I've had this conversation with others from our group, so I know it's something many of us want to do).

Afterwards, I called her and asked if she would like to make it a meetup to include others with great asian recipes and she said yes! Absolutely!

If you cook with Asian ingredients or want to, please join us for this wonderful shopping experience. We will start at the 99 Ranch Store in Kearny Mesa at noon, have lunch at their cafe, shop and move on to Lucky Seafood in Mira Mesa. Bring your own cooler for the car.

I am leaving from Jimbo's, Del Mar Heights off the 5 freeway and have 2 seats left in my car, if you would like to carpool down. Otherwise, we will meet you there!

If you have a favorite asian recipe please send it or them to [masked], so that we can get the ingredients and try them out. If you have a kitchen we can go back to to create some food, please text me your name and zip code:[masked]. Otherwise, we can freeze the seafood and try for another day!

I did some Yelp investigation and below you will find more info on the two markets we are going to. I bought my Chinese Plates I use at home at 99 Ranch decades ago. It's a good market with lots of variety.

Chef Marian

"99 Ranch has a bigger produce area and is cleaner than other places".
7330 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, Kearny Mesa.

Here's more feedback from Yelp: "Wing Wah makes my favorite mooncakes and they have them at 99 Ranch. I always get the white lotus seed paste without egg yolk. Love the mix of flavors from the thin outer pastry layer and the smooth, sweet flavor of the white lotus seed paste".
"Sam Woo duck at the Kearny Mesa location is good for lunch. Crispy skin".

"Everything you need for Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Filipino food, they have! Not the biggest selection of Japanese items".

Try wheel cake. Maine Lobsters good ordered ahead perfectly steamed. Try Taro Bread.

Onto Lucky Seafood Vietnamese Supermarket: 9326 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92126

Things to get: Thousand Layer Crackers (Trader Joe's no longer carries them), asian dried fruit and cookies, fresher produce than other places.
Deli next to it sells Vietnamese Sandwiches and desserts. "Greasy stuff in serving trays may be loaded with MSG. Watch out"!

"Able to find most Asian Ingredients you are looking for. Best prices on Seafood and Meat. Packed on weekends because that’s when they get their fresh produce in. You can ask the fish mongers to clean the fish, descale, gut and remove the gills".

Note to myself: buy Rice Wine for cooking and frozen items for dim sum. Thai Jasmine rice and sticky sweet rice. "Great knives for $3 that stay sharp".

Restaurant Review: Brunch Herb and Wood, Little Italy – Chef Brian Malarkey

We've been to many of Chef Brian's Restaurants and done reviews. Were you with us for Herb and Sea in Encinitas? They are always ah-mazing! And there's nothing better than a brunch.

We hope you will join us.

Click HERE to see their menu!

Deposit: Zelle and Apple Pay preferred. Go to Chef Marian for more details
$25.00 (returned to you - $20 at the event)
Please arrive 15 minutes early

Restaurant Review: Sushi Bar Ken Sushi Workshop, Carmel Valley, San Diego

We have reviewed this before. The one thing that was amazing is they freshly grate the wasabi. The way to eat it, one of our members, I think it was Hiroe told me is: You put it on the chopstick into your mouth, then add food. So good.

Last time, we ate in a bubble outside. This time, we are going to belly up to the sushi bar and have Chef Ken take care of us personally!

$100 and up per person for Omakase, or you may bring cash and order a la carte

Deposit: Zelle and Apple Pay preferred. Go to Chef Marian for more details
$25.00 (returned to you - $20 at the event)
Please arrive 15 minutes early

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The 42nd Annual Street Fair and Chili Cookoff, Ocean Beach

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