What we're about

Hi everyone, my name is Henry Nguyen and I created this group for 2 parts. Part 1 is Calisthenics, health, and nutrition. Part 2 is to be active and always stay on the move.

In part of this group, I will introduce what calisthenics is and how to approach it, knowledge on health, supplement, and nutrition, how to build muscle or lose weight, live a fitness life but still enjoy life, monthly open calisthenics workout meetups to learn from it, and other exercising meetups.

The other part is to be active and always stay on the move. We will also do all types of social active meetup ranging from hiking, sports, food outing, go-karts, upcoming event around Charlotte area, etc. These meetups are in hopes to always push you to always be on the moving and explore, wander, and just do things instead of not doing anything.

I hope that in this group, we will come together teaching each other with a common goal from beginner to experience to build a better body and a better you. I really enjoy meeting and talk to new people but I enjoy more helping others make a change in themselves. Calisthenics to me means to take control of your body, take control of your life. I am coming off my third time cutting(losing fat) losing about 14ish Ibs in 3 months this year and want to pass what I have learn to everyone else. I welcome anyone from all ages, experience, and knowledge if you want to get healthy, fit, meet others, and make a change to yourself once and for all.

(Definition of Calisthenics: exercises to develop strength and flexibility that are done without special equipment)

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