What we're about

We are embracing the new PATHWAYS LEARNING EXPERIENCE... rolling out on May 15th.


There are two kinds of people in this world...

First, there are those who know about Toastmasters International and how great it is. That is why they are members!

Second, there are those who don't know or don't appreciate what "Toastmasters" is and what it can do for them. Lots of people think that Toastmasters is only for people who give a lot of presentations. The reality is that Toastmasters is for anyone who wants to become better at relating to and communicating with people. The Toastmasters program offers you a means of improving your communication skills and leadership skills to help you be your best. Sure... a part of the program focuses on improving your presentation skills, but there is also a strong emphasis on impromptu speaking skills, which we all use everyday, every time we open our mouth. Wouldn't you want to be more effective?

Come and visit us and see what Toastmasters and our club members can do for you!

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