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Carpe Diem Chorus
Carpe Diem Chorus
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Love to sing? We do TOO!

We are a DIVERSE group of women from all walks of life. Our ages range from 20's - 70's. We are mothers, doctors, students, teachers, retirees, beauticians and roller derby players. With so many differences, we all share one thing in common that brings us together each week and connects us on the risers - Harmony. There is nothing in this world like singing A Cappella harmony. And singing it well with - heart and soul.

We sing 4 part harmony, so there's a place for every vocal range (basses RULE btw :). Broadway, pop, jazz to barbershop. We cover it all and enjoy performing & competing. We're a team, and A Cappella is our 'sport'!

So if you have a passion for singing, harmony, learning & new experiences - then Carpe Diem baby! Join us for a practice. And afterwards, if you're interested in becoming a full fledged member - we'll give you the STAT's on that too!

We meet at 7:00 every Wednesday evening for practice, harmony & friendship. Please RSVP.

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