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A meetup group to facilitate printing and and exhibition of photographs, a timeless tradition in photography, past, present and future!

Recently a well known local photographer said to me "no one prints any more..."

Well, I love to be a contrarian, so I have started this meetup group, because there are certainly plenty of reasons people SHOULD print and exhibit their photography!

Let me give you some reasons, and invite you to join this printing coop...

1) To sell your work as a photographer, the larger and better the quality of the print, the bigger the sale - we're talking a difference of hundreds of dollars..

2) Prints will outlast any digital format used today, and only increase in value as a result.

3) When your cloud storage provider goes out of business, or you hard drive crashes (there are two kinds, those that have crashed, and those that will crash), you will appreciate those prints you did and put in your portfolio book!

4) People respond to photographic prints on the wall, in a portfolio, in an exhibit in ways that create connections and ties that bind. Can you say that about a USB or DVD?

5) The quality of today's printers, papers and the mediums available (papers, canvas, glass, textile) just keep expanding and creating more possibilities.

Finally, chances are YOU can add to this list of reasons!

So come join us, see the equipment we have to offer and become a member of the Coop

Epson 9900 Wide Carriage (44") Printer w. 100 ft Rolls

Epson 4800 Portrait Printer

Mac Workstation

A great studio working environment located in the Annapolis Design District just off Rt 50, 40 minutes from DC, Baltimore and the Eastern Shore. Super easy to get after work, during the day, and on weekends!


Our objective as a printing cooperative is to provide our members with education, quality and cost effectiveness. We share our knowledge to help you make custom prints, where you have a high degree of control over the quality of their work, at a cost that is below commercial print labs.

As a member you will have the following benefits:

1) Custom results, where you can see exactly what the Color, B&W and finish of the papers the select are producing. No guesswork or depending on the lab tech who is looking at your prints in different light and/or with their monitor set to a different level of brightness, to make decisions that might give them a result they don't want.

2) Lower costs than internet labs because as coop members, you just pay for time and materials as there is no tax or shipping charge (saving of 10 to 15%). In addition, you also pay substantially lower costs for materials, on average 50% lower than comparable internet print labs.

3) Immediate results, directly off the printer, so you can do test prints and your final print(s) the same day, without having to send prints off and wait for them to arrive in the mail to see if they were done correctly.

4) Learning about digital printing by seeing the work, techniques and materials used by other photographers and artists. Share and learn new techniques to improve the quality of your printing.

Cost and Fees (As of Oct. 2016 / subject to revision)

$125 Annual Membership Fee

$25/hr. Epson 9900 / 3880 Rental Fee (Includes Printer Tech who provides assistance in preparing files to print, running hardware/software and printer maintenance)

Per print fee is 50% of Bay Photo Price List: https://www.bayphoto.... (

For example: 30" x 40" $75

9" by 12" BP $25 - Our price $12.50

16" by 24" BP $56 - Our price $28

30" by 40" BP $136 - Our price $68

Our standard paper is Epson Premium Lustre; you may also use your own paper and pay only for ink.

See you there!


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