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Carroll Rhythms will announce our upcoming drum circles through email. Please make sure that you have signed up for announcements:

1) Click "My Profile"

2) Click "Email and Notifications"

3) Select the following:

• New Meetup scheduled

• Change to a Meetup I'm going to

• Announcements about a specific meetup

• Announcement to members about this group

4) Click "Email Updates" and be sure that your email updates are on

What is a drum circle?

A drum circle is a rhythmical event in which people come together to play drums and other percussion instruments. They are a fun and accessible way to play music in a group setting.

Our participants are encouraged to play whatever rhythms they choose, often creating them on the spot.

We often sustain our rhythms for twenty minutes or more. In addition, we play at a comfortable volume, we vary the tempo and types of rhythms we play, and we use a lot of different instruments.

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