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We live in a world of systems, labels and boxes. We are told to conform, to "fit in" to choose. Choose a religion, political party or way of life and stick to it.

The problem is that we don't fit in any box.
The problem is that we can't be summed up in any one label.
The problem is that the systems that were designed for us don't serve us.

I've had it with seeing people live their lives making decisions out of fear. Fear that comes from outside sources as well as fear that is self-imposed through limited thinking and belief patterns.

I'm sick and tired of seeing gifted people crippled by their own negative thoughts and emotions and getting in their own way of success, happiness and fulfillment.

I'm no longer willing to tolerate a world where people are being controlled by big business and organized religion into being another sheep in the herd.

I've been down the path of "best practices" and dogma and I've seen it go wrong again and again throughout my life. I strongly believe that just like no one diet or type of exercise works for all people, so there is no one cookie cutter path to financial success, true happiness and spiritual fulfillment.

I'm flipping the script on personal growth, helping the people who most influence others carve out their own unique path to success so that they can empower others to do the same, and eventually, put this crazy world back on the right track.

I'm looking for those of you out there that are looking to carve your own path to a better life and better world; those of you not settling to follow, but stepping up to lead; those of you as fed up as I am with the state of affairs on this planet to join me on an adventure towards who you were meant to be.

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