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Cascadia Explorers is a recreational Meetup devoted to enjoying outdoor activities, social gatherings and volunteer events in a respectful manner.

The focus of this group is generally on more unusual activities, and multi-day events. Backpacking and mountain climbing are common events. Bushwhacking to a waterfall with no trail access is a typical single day activity. If you are looking for a simple hike to do, there are lots of other Meetup options and so while we don't discourage those types of events, we don't really focus on them either.

Some multi-day events require an up-front fee, due to the shared cost of accommodations, food, and transportation.

Please note that we adhere to the same general policies as NW Wilderness:


Cascadia Explorers has a “three strikes, you're out” policy for no-shows. If a member does not show up for three events that the member signed up for in a 12 month period the member will be banned from the group for a period of one year.


Cascadia Explorers and its leaders assume no liability for accidents or other mishaps that happens to a member during an event or the ride to or from the event. Each member needs to participate within his/her comfort level and take responsibility for his/her own safety, first by not signing up for events outside the member's comfort level and second by not following directions or taking advice that might put them in danger.


Each member needs to come prepared for the activity he/she signs up for. That includes being in physical shape for the event. It also means bringing the proper equipment such as the ten essentials, non-cotton clothing, appropriate footwear and enough food and water.

Leadership requirements:

Any aspiring leaders are required to have attended at least three Cascadia Explorers events from at least two different leaders; exceptions are made for individuals with extensive track record with (an)other group(s). Each leader has virtual autonomy to lead events that they see fit as long as the event fits under the type of activities this group participates in. The leader is responsible to making sure he/she stays inside his/her skill and comfort level. New leaders agree to not lead events with other hiking groups- old leaders are grandfathered in. Each leader agrees to lead no fewer than three events each year. New leaders will be assigned a mentor to help them during their first three events.

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