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Welcome to Cascadia House in Vancouver, Washington!

This special space is in the private home of Sally and Chuck for the purpose of creating community grounded in spiritual practices, mindful practices, and fun. We hold body/mind/spirit classes and events for anyone seeking like-minded community.

We do this with an inclusive, loving-kindness mindset. Practices and Classes include:

Conscious Cinema: This is a free monthly event to come and watch a great movie centered on awareness, spirtuality, and inspiration -- and to meet new friends. Films we've shown in the past include "What the Bleep," "Gandhi," Wayne Dyer's "The Shift", "The Topp Twins," and Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life" and more.

Bellyfit: This is a women's fitness modality that incorporates bellydance, world dances, yoga, core work, mudra, and helps you focus on an intention that will make you feel amazing! This is truly a complete body/mind/spirit workout!

Tarot: This is deep work based on Jungian dream analysis. Watch for 9-week courses, 1/2-day workshops, and single classes to help you get a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

Red Tent: A women's gathering with ritual and intention to focus our minds and hearts and create sweet community.

NVC: Non-Violent Communication - We meet to practice this wonderful form of communication to help understand our own feelings and needs, and those of others. Second and Fourth Wednesdays.

Yoga: Yoga is for Every Body. Judgment free, all sizes, shapes, gender preferences welcome.

Sacred Events: Watch for Solstice and Equinox rituals, along with Full Moons and New Moons.

Open up our calendar, and RSVP! We look forward to meeting you!

Upcoming events (5+)

Women's Red Tent Gathering: Equinox Celebration!

Cascadia House

Next Gathering is Saturday, September 21st 6:45 p.m. Sign-up here: https://cascadiahouse.eventsmart.com/events/womens-red-tent-gathering/ Hellooooo Goddesses! Please join us at Cascadia House for our monthly Women’s Red Tent. All women welcomed - Maiden/Mother/Crone! We'll be celebrating the Autumnal Equinox, also called Mabon. It is a time to give thanks for the summer and to pay tribute to the time when we turn within. What is Red Tent about? It is an experience of magical, ephemeral warmth, friendship, and unconditional belonging while opening to your Sacred Self. These women’s gatherings are emotionally and spiritually nourishing. Red Tent gatherings create community, and give us an opportunity to make new friends while we celebrate the Sacred within each of us, and honor each and every woman’s unique Divine Feminine. We begin with a soothing guided meditation to help you release the mundane world and settle into the sacred space. We’ll share brief introductions to take time to share what is alive for us now to learn about each other, and to be heard. We’ll co-create a sacred circle by calling in the energy of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and call in Goddess energy. During the candlelight circle, we’ll learn and grow together through inspirational Women’s Wisdom inspired by women like Carolyn Myss, Marianne Williamson, Lynn McTaggert, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, and Gabrielle Bernstein: and then share from the heart how we will bring this wisdom into our lives and grow from it together. All the while, we’ll be sharing social time and beautiful food and drink. Please bring: A lovely, healthy finger food or beverage to share. This is a time to enjoy the sensuality of taste – good cheese, smoked fish, fresh organic veggies, and dark chocolate are welcomed; great beverages would be kombucha, kevita, or wine. If you feel called, bring a small item to be blessed on the Goddess altar. Vancouver Private Residence Given Upon Registration; you must register at the Cascadia House website to attend: https://cascadiahouse.eventsmart.com/events/womens-red-tent-gathering/ Cost: You will see a sliding scale from $10-$20; please donate what feels right for you. No one turned away for lack of funds; if you have a definite needs-based situation, please email Sally if you would like to help set up to attend for free, or if you have any questions about the group - [masked]

NVC Practice Group (Non-Violent Communication)

Cascadia House

Would you like to be more skillfull in communicating and connecting with the people in your life? Would you like to reduce conflict and enjoy more peace and harmony? Do you long to embrace more fully your one precious life? NVC offers a simple means to be in relationship with yourself and others that is genuine, authentic and compassionate. Originally developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, NVC has grown worldwide with hundreds of certified and other trainers bringing NVC to practice groups of individuals, businesses, classrooms and other institutions. More information about NVC can be found at: http://www.cnvc.org/learn/nvc-foundations The NVC Practice Group at Cascadia House is intended for those with beginning and intermediate NVC practice skills who would like to become more grounded in the NVC consciousness. We meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays from 6:45 to 8:30 p.m. The evening starts with a meet and greet, followed by the reading of a remembrance, guided grounding meditation, sharing of joys, NVC conceptual study, an extended check-in via the practice of sharing feelings/needs, and ends with a tea social. Please Contact Cascadia House if you have any questions about the group at http://www.cascadiahouse.us/contact.html Register for the free event here: https://cascadiahouse.eventsmart.com/events/nonviolent-communication-nvc/ Donations gladly accepted from those wanting to contribute financially to Cascadia House. The Vancouver private residence, Cascadia House, will be given upon registration. Please help us by registering so that we know you are coming! Chuck Powers will be leading the group. Chuck is a graduate of Susan Skye's year-long Pacific Leadership training program. He is a past board member and treasurer Oregon Network for Compassionate Communication. Further NVC work includes seven years as a Sadie Scabarozi practice group member, year-long private work with LaShelle Charde, one year Vancouver practice group facilitator, and spent two years as a Catalyst practice group facilitator.


Cascadia House

Bellyfit® at Cascadia House STRONG. SEXY. SACRED. Beginning a new class of any kind can be a big step that takes courage. This is about you feeling good, refreshed, and renewed. It's also a great way to meet wonderful women. If you are new, know that you will feel welcomed, comfortable, and safe; you are encouraged to move at your own pace. Please be assured, Bellyfit® is a judgment-free space, and we are saying NO MORE to the judgment of women's bodies and saying YES to feeling great. And - Bellyfit® is just plain FUN! MOVEMENT: By Women. For Women. Bellyfit® classes are intelligently designed to give you the full body workout you need, the mental calm you deserve, and the spiritual connection you crave. Each class is inspired by 3 main movement practices: Fitness = familiarity and effectiveness Dance (African, Indian and Belly Dance) = JOY! Yoga = spiritual connection + core, breath, and alignment MUSIC: Beyond the physical, into the heart and soul! The music used in a Bellyfit® class is unlike anything you will ever hear in another fitness class. Just as the choreography for Bellyfit® is inspired by many cultural elements, ancient and modern, so is the Bellyfit® music. Definitely NOT your typical aerobics top-40 mashup cover music! DANCE is built into our DNA, but many of us have lost the connection to this ancient rite. It's time we find it again...no experience necessary. Let's Get Moving! What to bring: Indoor Gym Shoes for the first half of the class. Some participants prefer bare feet, usually if they have previous experience with barefoot movement. We will be travelling and pivoting so it's nice to give the feet, ankles, and knees that extra bit of support. (The Cascadia Room is carpeted, so please ensure gym shoes are clean and free of debris.) What to Wear: What you wear for running, dancing, or yoga will be great for Bellyfit® - or grab whatever stretchies you have and maybe a sports bra...things do tend to bounce around a bit and we'll do our best to heat things up! Water. Sweat and burning stress creates a need for hydration. Keep your energy high by staying hydrated during class. A FRIEND Studies show that women especially are more likely to stick to their workout for the long haul with a workout partner to help keep you inspired, motivated and accountable. The benefits of sharing conversation with your girlfriends are just as valuable as the shimmies, squats and lunges you just did. Share the love and bring a friend. Time: Thursday Evenings, 6:15 to 7:45. Bellyfit® is more than a "workout." It's an experience. The actual class is from 6:30 to 7:30. The 15 minute "buffer" is to let go of the day, to arrive, stretch, settle in, and say hello to friends. The last 15 minutes is to integrate your experience and join in our optional sharing circle - a great way to form community and get to know the women you're dancing with. Location: Cascadia House, Vancouver, WA. Semi-Private (max 7), boutique classes take place in the Cascadia Room. Minnehaha area residence given upon registration (address on emailed receipt) Cost: $10 Drop In, Register here: https://cascadiahouse.eventsmart.com/events/bellyfit/ Questions: I would love to hear from you with any questions. Feel free to email me at [masked]

In-Depth Tarot: A 9-Week Course

Cascadia House

In-Depth Tarot: A Spiritual Journey to Personal Growth With Sally Dubats In this 9-Week Tarot course you will learn to read the Tarot though your own intuition -- and how to read the images via Jungian-style dream language and story as you delve deeply into your creative realm. You will get rid of the "Little Book" forever! This method makes reading the Tarot accessible to everyone. This course is not about memorizing individual cards; the cards are a system. Once you learn the system, which is simple, you can read every and any card. In-Depth Tarot teaches you about the entire forest, not just one squirrel! You will learn to see the archetypes and symbols to access the creative part of your brain - and that's the part that "reads" any and every card like a genius. Really. This course work is for both beginners those with a long background of study. This course is not about memorizing cards; those who have studied the cards for years have remarked that they finally understand the cards without the use of any reference materials. The cards come to you. Each week you will study a facet of the Tarot that brings a deeper understanding to the cards. Each week begins with a short grounding meditation. Learning is through journaling, meditation, visualization, story boarding, or oracle work. Using these varied methods, you will also learn numerology, the Hero's Journey, Jungian dream analysis, and more. We'll even do a fun, sensual (non-sexual) exercise with roots in Tantric philosophies designed to tune you in to your body's natural intuitive signals. You will then have hands-on reading practice, for yourself or a classmate to hone your new techniques and incorporate the new information. And at the very core of this work is understanding the cards as Families, nine groups of cards based on numerology that tell a complete story of sisters, brothers, ancestors, and your Self, in the form of your Soul Card - a card unique to you based on your date of birth. Homework is minimal, and simply consists of pulling a card a day for yourself using the newest weekly technique, building on previous weeks, and noticing your world through the eyes of the Tarot as you go about your days. Many, not all, are able to confidently read professionally upon completion of this course; this is especially true if you have some prior love of or history with the cards. For a detailed weekly syllabus, click here: http://cascadiahouse.us/9%20Week%20Tarot%20Course%20Description%20Full.pdf The course is recorded, so if you must miss a class, you will receive the online weekly modules; they're yours to keep. Portland Tuesdays, 9 Weeks October 1 thru November 26,[masked]:00pm to 8:30pm Flanders House, 2926 NE Flanders St., Portland, OR 97232 To register for Portland, Click Here: https://cascadiahouse.eventsmart.com/events/9-week-tarot-course-portland/ Vancouver Thursdays 9 Weeks September 30 to November 25,[masked]:30 to 8:30pm Cascadia House, Vancouver, WA. The address will be given upon registration. To register for Vancouver, Click Here: https://cascadiahouse.eventsmart.com/events/9-week-tarot-course-vancouver/ Tuition: This course is offered on a sliding scale basis with 3 tuition choices. The course and online materials are the same regardless of tuition. The sliding scale is offered to make it more accessible. Please support the instructor with the level in alignment with your income. The choices are $195, $235, and $325. You will see the tuition choices when you click to register. If you require a payment plan, contact Sally privately at [masked]. You will need: A Tarot deck (classic is best), a 3-ring binder and paper. Please bring the birth dates of a few friends/family. Please contact Sally at [masked] if you have questions or just want to chat about the course!

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