C# 8: Come for the nullable reference types, stay for so much more

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Just the list is long: default interface members, async enumerables, ranges and indices, more pattern matching, and a host of other improvements. Join this talk for a whirlwind tour of the new things you can do with C#. We’ll explore the major features, provide several example scenarios, and give you some tips and tricks you can adopt to create modern, expressive C#, whatever you’re building today.

About Bill Wagner:
Bill is responsible for the C# learning materials on https://docs.microsoft.com. He spends his days helping developers learn and enjoy C#. In addition to his work on docs, bill speaks at several conferences world-wide, and is a member of the .NET Foundation and the ECMA C# standardization committee.

Additional Information:
• Pizza and sodas generously provided by Compunnel (https://www.compunnel.com/).
• Space generously provided by Tyler Technologies
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