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Cassandra at BrightTag w/Matt K. & Is It Hot or Not: the Linux Page Cache w/ Al

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For this meetup, we are excited to be joined by two great speakers. Matt Kemp, Engineer and Team Lead at BrightTag and Al Tobey, Open Source Mechanic at Datastax.

What You'll Learn At This Meetup:

Matt Kemp - At BrightTag, our patented Fuse™ platform is powered by a Cassandra cluster that’s distributed across four AWS regions. Since BrightTag requires data to always be available from anywhere in the world, the method we created for storing profiles was a deceptively complex challenge. To make our vision a reality, we use a multi-region Cassandra deployment to take care of the heavy lifting, which enables us to stay focused on continuing to build a great product. In this presentation, we will explore the data model we engineered, the helpful tools we used and the valuable lessons we learned along the way.

Al Tobey - Everybody says, “let the OS cache it” but for years there wasn’t a way to find out if the Linux kernel was doing what we thought. Al will talk about what the Linux page cache is and why it matters for database performance. He will then introduce a tool, pcstat, designed for observing page cache usage on Linux, so now you can verify what is hot (in cache) and what is not.
Be sure to come straight from the office as food and drinks will be served. Hope to see you all there!
About Matt Kemp:
Matthew Kemp is an engineer and team lead at BrightTag, where he works on much of the core back-end infrastructure including Apache Cassandra. Straddling the line between Dev and Ops, he specializes in distributed systems, performance and monitoring. Prior to BrightTag, Matthew held roles at IMC Financial Markets and Orbitz Worldwide.

About Al Tobey:
Al is a father, technologist, musician, and open source advocate working for Datastax. While attending university as a music major, Al got into MUDs, C, and Linux, eventually ending up with a career as a sysadmin. Over the last 15 years, Al has worked on everything from kernel drivers to HTML5 in both operations and development roles.
Big thank you to Open Software Integrators for hosting and to Matt and Al for presenting!