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Cassandra Training Session

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-- This is a free of Charge Cassandra Training Session open to all Community Members --

Time Series applications with Apache Cassandra delivered by Patrick McFadin

This tutorial is geared around understanding the basics of how Apache Cassandra stores and access time series data. We'll start with an overview of how Cassandra works and how that can be a perfect fit for time series. There will be coding as a part of the hands on tutorial. The goal will be to take a example application and code through the different aspects of working with this unique data pattern. The final section will cover many of the projects in and out of the Cassandra ecosystem that can be leveraged for time series collection and retrieval. Attendees should leave with a comprehensive view of the many options to make considered choices in their time series projects. Core concepts

  • Introduction to Apache Cassandra * Why Cassandra is used for storing time series data * Data models for time series * Deployment models for collection Hands on session with example application * Building the right data model * Coding the right way for your application * Deploying and performance tuning * Ingesting data
2-10 Hertford Road, London N1 5ET · London
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