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This is a place for like-minded,holistic-health oriented, spiritual seeking, metaphysical mystics, who want to make connections---with others---with information---with knowledge.

It's all about personal growth through connections. Offerings will include classes in astrology, meditation, massage, healing, Chinese Medicine, body work, consciousness topics, spiritual practices, psychic and mediumship development. The purpose of this meet-up is to offer a chance for you to meet others for fun, learning, healing.

As we near the BIG SHIFT of 2020, my offerings will accelerate to assist you on your path.

I am passionate about sharing my lifetime of wisdom & work with you; I am honored you chose the CCC as part of your journey. About me: http://www.cassandrajoanbutler.com and `like me' on FB: Cassandra Joan Butler, Astrologer & Teacher.

Join the CCC and keep the connection!

Cassandra Joan

Upcoming events (4+)

Cosmic Alert! Pluto in Capricorn: Cleaning up Power-Manipulation-Control!

On Sunday June 11th, Pluto slips back into Capricorn...meaning we have one more opportunity to clear out authoritarianism out of our lives...or at least ' SEE IT!" We have until 1/24/2024 to do our due diligence to free ourselves from the clutches of inner and outer tyranny.

Remember 2008? That's the year Pluto ( transformation) made its ingress into Capricorn ( social structure). Pluto transforms whatever it touches through the process of revelation.

During tonight's zoom we will explore:

  1. the meaning of Pluto in Capricorn and in Aquarius...and...
  2. what it means for the world and FOR YOUR CHART
  3. Strategies to be open to the messages of this transit
  4. Strategies to discern the differences between power to the elite versus power to the people
  5. Strategies to tap into the power of Pluto

Everyone will receive a recording of the video and a mini reading of your chart.
A zoom link will be sent @ 6:50 pm for the class.

$25 for everyone
$18 for lunar lights members:

Register here on line for the class through cc: https://cassandrajoanbutler.com/products/

Text me if you wish to use alternative method of payment: ( venmo and paypal or check)[masked]

Cosmic Alert! New Moon in Gemini ! Summer Solstice! Saturn Retrograde!

Mid to late June is simply jam-packed with a LOT of cosmic activity!
Learn all about it during this workshop!

We start with the Gemini New Moon which, being in the later degrees of Gemini unfolds during the CANCER cycle. All of this means that we are blending thoughts with feelings during this cycle.

And...at the same time Pluto will be back in Capricorn and Saturn retrogrades on the New Moon.

And then there is the magic of the summer solstice! Embrace the time when the sun stands ' still!'

During Tonight's class we will:

  1. Learn about the New Moon in Gemini and it's various phases
  2. Learn about the Cancer phase
  3. learn about the Summer Solstice and what it represents for all
  4. understand the cycle of Saturn and how its retrograde will impact you & the world events

Everyone receives a mini read of their charts.
Everyone receives a recording of the class.
A zoom will be sent at 6:50 pm before class.

$25 for all except...
Register here to pay via CC:https://cassandrajoanbutler.com/products/

$18 for lunar lights members ( separate link will be sent by email for the discount)

If you wish to pay by check, venmo or paypal please text:[masked].

Thank you!

Lily Dale Assembly Astro Cafe !

Needs a location

One more time!
For the Lily Dale Astro Cafe!

Join me and Patricia Bell for a lively casual and interesting discussion about the astrological weather for the month.

We are in the beginning of the summer season of cosmic changes so join us to discuss what this all means for us!

Please register through Lily Dale prior to the Sunday Cafe:


Tapping into your Past Lives! An on-line and/or in-person workshop at Lily Dale!

For the past twenty years I've been honored to present at the world-wide center for the religion of Spiritualism, Lily Dale Assembly.

It is my joy to offer you this experiential workshop designed to help you navigate your path by combining past life regression with astrological wisdom.

As a SPECIAL thank you for attending I am also offering all participants a $15 gift certificate of credit good for any of my services!

## Time & Location

Jul 11, 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Octagon, Lily Dale, NY 14718, USA

## About the Event

This workshop will explore past life experiences using astrology and regression. Have you ever wondered about how the past affects the present? Each of us is born with an astrological blueprint indicating past lives and present destiny referred to as the lunar nodal axis. During this workshop you will learn what your lunar nodes say about your past lives, and when they are particularly active. You will experience a safe and secure past life regression to gather additional information about how "the past" influences your present life. Affirmations geared towards releasing blockages from your specific past live theme will also be shared. This workshop is open to all; no experience in astrology or past life regression is necessary. Cassandra is noted for applying astrological wisdom in an "easy way."


Register here : https://www.lilydaleassembly.org/event-details/tapping-into-your-past-lives-with-cassandra-butler

Cassandra Joan Butler, BSW, MS, LMT has been a noted practitioner of astrology, spiritual development, and bodywork since 1987. A gifted teacher, she has shared her knowledge with thousands of students. Founder of Divine Grace Spiritualist Church. BSW, Cornell University and MS Syracuse University. I am honored to teach at Lily Dale; it is a spiritual home.

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